Month: November 2012

Writing Writing Writing


Sorry I’ve not been updating my blog recently but I’ve been busy with this NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) thingy that I’ve not had time. Well, I probably have had time but I’ve just been so sick of looking at a PC screen I’ve wanted to do something else.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying NaNoWriMo immensely and have now written 33,610 words of the 50,000 word total. I have to say I’ve never been so happy with my own writing or what I’ve been able to accomplish.

What’s the novel about john? I hear you ask. Very good question. It’s about a world in which all the really bad crimes (rape, murder, child kidnapping etc) are not done by humans they ate done by demons who frame the humans for it for their own ends. To stop this, the world has demon hunters or ‘searchers’ who search out the demons and kill them. The demons have so far always worked alone but what would happen if they all banded together against the searchers? Can the searchers stop them from taking over the world?

That was how the story started in my head and has pretty much gone like that so far. I’m very happy with it and will share some of it with you once it’s finished.

The word count goal of 50,000 in one month is something different and challenging. Though it does give you focus. I managed to get 6000 words written in a day this past Saturday which I’ve never done before. I wouldn’t have been able to do it if not for NaNoWriMo. If you ever consider writing a novel in future, you should definitely consider this challenge.

Right I’m off to bed. Later


I’m only just starting to get going really.


As you may or may not know I’ve joined up with and started to participate in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). I started off well writing my first 2000+ words in quick fashion on 31st October and then doing the same on 2nd November. Then I had to go and watch WWE Raw at the Manchester Arena on Saturday 3rd (and only managed to get 1000+ words written before hand) and then go out drinking afterwards (not to mention during) and though it was a really good night I was a mess on Sunday. On Monday (still with a hangover) I went out to watch some fireworks with my girlfriend and her friends which again was a really good night. But all of this didn’t allow me to write as much as I’d like. #slightlyannoyed

I’ve started to get back on track and I’ve currently written 10,021 words altogether. The target so far is 11,662 if I’m to get to the 50,000 words mark by the end of the month. I’m writing 2000+ words a day so I know I’ll get back on track. I also found that I quite like writing this way and my speed has quickened. Hopefully I’ll keep writing like this when the month is over and this novel’s first draft is complete.

Till next time then.