Month: April 2013

The Battle Continues With Thanks.


I’ve received some great feedback from my question in my last blog post regarding the battle scene for my story. I’ve jotted down the ideas and will be putting some of them into action soon. I can’t thank the members of the various groups I’m part of on Facebook enough. In particular, Jaden Diebold of the ‘Fantasy Writers’ group, ‘Emmalyn Edwards’ of the ‘WRITING’ group (who also mentioned me in her blog at the following address which was AWESOME!!) and Gina Marquita Fiserova of the ‘Writing Friends’ group. They have all given me many nuggets of help for the future.

Now, as for the battle. I continued down the route of telling the story from various view points. I’m currently writing from the view point of the main villain who is about to attack the leader of the Searchers (our heroes). This is not the leader of the army of Searchers in the battle mind you but the now disgraced leader looking to make good. Once I’ve done this I’m going to go back and add in another chapter which will be full of battle scenes. This chapter will be told from a third person perspective and will (hopefully) show how our heroes and villains both go on in the battle before the climax.

I’ve always liked writing battle scenes or any scenes were something is actually happening. I seem to write slightly quicker when I do this aswell. Ok. I’m going to get back to it.

Thanks again to everyone who helped. I’ll let you know how it all ended.

Good Pie


The Battle Commences.


As I wrote in my last post I was getting closer and closer to the final battle of the story I started to write for NaNoWriMo. I started by writing out how the battle would go by bullet pointing the key thingshappenings within it. I’ve read numerous times that this is a good way of planning your chapters, big scenes, whole books etc but I always prefer doing this for the climax of my stories.

I tried it once for a whole story but I ended up only using the first few points and the last few. All the ones in the middle got either moved around or changed or deleted. I’m not saying it’s a bad way to go about these things but it’s not my chosen way. Anyway…

I’ve started writing the battle scene.

To set the battle…scene our heroes, the searchers who search and kill the demons, have throughout the story been fighting against four different types of demon. The Calculating demon, the Cautious- Calm demon, the Catcher demon and the Rambunctious or ‘Ripper’ demon. The Ripper has shown itself to be the more dominant one with the guidance help of their intelligent and strong in all ways leader. After he had lost the last battle against the searchers he has committed himself to getting revenge. He has pulled together an army of ripper’s intent on taking back what he believes to be rightfully theirs. Earth. The searchers have now come together from all over the world to try and defend it.

I’m being slightly biased but I think this sounds well good. I was slightly giddy when I came up with this about half way through(ish, possibly) writing the story. As I’ve said before I’ve been looking forward to writing this for a while.

I did agonise a little bit about how to start but I just thought I’d go for it and take care of any inconsistencies or moments of rubbishness in the editing process. I’m happy I did this as I’m enjoying writing it so far. I’m going to go and write some more now I think.

I’ve decided to write the first chapter (of three) for the battle from the view points of each of the main characters, the police and the villain. I’m liking it so far but I’m not sure if it’s the best way to write a battle scene. So, I ask you this?

How would you write an epic battle scene?


It’s been a while.


I’ve recently moved into to my third flat with my mate and as such have not been able to keep updating this cheek young blog. Sorry.

The move went well. My lovely girlfriend helped me move on 30th March and since then I’ve been hard at work(ish) getting everything sorted. It took longer than I thought. And its not even all done. But I’m happy with it so it was all worth it.

And amidst all this, I managed to get my short short story entered on time. I managed to get round the late edit I had to do(see last post) I also got a call from writing magazine who told me to confirm my address.

Of course, I haven’t told my bible for writing about my new flat! How could I do that? The nice lady confirmed my new address and confirmed the entry was all good and will be considered. Fingers crossed. I’ll post it on here at some point in the near future.

I’ve also done some more writing towards my other story. I’m up to the point where the two leaders of the armies, bad and good, are giving their speeches to drive their armies on. Just before the final battle to end it all. So, I have a question for you….

How would you inspire someone to follow you into battle?