Month: October 2012

Getting Ready For NaNoWriMo


Holy crap it’s only two days away. Well, for me I’ll start tomorrow as I’m busy on Thursday so it’s tomorrow. Great.

I’ve been making more notes so I can start my story without a lot of hesitation. Though the main thing I’ve gathered is you shouldn’t really hesitate at all. Just go for it. Write and write and write until the magic 50,000 word mark is hit and probably passed. It sounds a bit daunting but if I go at 2000 words a day that allows for five days out of the month for research and rest. I think I’m ready.

I did some last minute training for it as well by writing two pages, around 1200 words, for my latest pov chapter from the latest book I’m writing. Ok it not 2000 but I felt good after writing it and I’ve done 2000+ in one sitting before.

Now I think about it, at the end of November I would’ve finished writing one story and still not be finished writing the one I’m currently working on. One which I started 2nd March 2010. Hopefully after November I’ll finish that in no time and have in total three finished stories. All ready to be edited. And ripped apart. And probably changed beyond all recognition from how they started. Never mind. I’ll allow it as I love it so.

If you’re taking part in NaNoWriMo or are interested in it, go to my user name is johnrsermon (surprisingly). I’ve also come up with a first draft of the synopsis (below) for the novel I’ll be writing. Let me know what you think. Cheers.

” Title; The Searcher’s Want.

Synopsis(first draft)

For every bad thing that happens on the planet (killings, rape, illegal trafficking of any kind etc) there is always one common denominator. A demon was responsible. There are four different kinds of demon’s who perpetrate any crime on a large scale. A serial killer or a rapist will be identified but he or she didn’t kill anyone, it was a demon.
These demons are only known to those who seek to kill them. They are searchers. Who job is to search and kill them before they can do anymore harm. This has been the case for over 300 years.
The demons however, are starting to band together. They want to take over the world once and for all. But the searchers want to stop them for good. At any cost. “


The importance of making notes.



I’ve finished the point of view chapter for the villain of my latest piece. Now all I have to do is write a chapter from our hero’s point of view. This should be easy as the whole story so far is from his point of view. However, I’ve managed to put in a lot of things which I need to convey and show my hero’s feelings about in the other three point of view chapters. This means it’s going to be harder to write this chapter than any of the others. I’ll have to make notes I think before I even begin. Great, now I’ve given myself even more work to do. Never mind though because once I start doing it I know I’ll enjoy it.

Other than the above, I’ve been working on my idea for the novel I’m going to write for NaNoWriMo(Nation Novel Writing Month).

I sat down last week to think of an idea. I had a few ideas rolling around but none of which were good enough to use. Well, not for this and not right now anyway. Then I remembered something I’d heard numerous times when reading the writing magazine I subscribe to. It was that you should always carry a note book or a way of taking notes wherever you go. This will enable you to record any ideas you have where ever you are.

So, I checked my Evernote app (which is a fantastic app to keep and store your ideas on) on my blackberry and came across a note I’d left some time last year. It was the start of a proposed short story about hunters or ‘Searchers’ as they were called in the note. I read it and immediately I’d settled on my idea. This was the one. Awesome! That didn’t take long I thought.

Since then I’ve been writing things down for the story, including something this very morning, and I can’t wait to start. I’ve got the main characters down with descriptions and some plot points and possible story arcs I can use. Let’s hope by the end of it all comes together.

For anyone who has ever thought about writing a novel, I suggest you join NaNoWriMo. It’ll get you going and hopefully lead to something great.

Right, I’m off to write down some more ideas. And later view a flat. (Fingers crossed)

Good pie

Acting on it. Feedback I mean

Hello again

It’s been a while since I updated this thing as I’ve been in the process of looking for a new flat and subsequently moving back to my parents house whilst I look. As you may know moving home is not a thing to rush into. I’ll take my time me thinks.

Now, for the writing.

I received some feedback from the website I use http://www.protagonize.comfor my story The End Solution. Well, to be specific, E.V.Mick who reminded me of something I’d apparently forgotten. I always liked stories that only revealed what was needed and didn’t give too much away too quickly and try to cram it all in. I at one point desired to write such a story but have as yet not got round to it. Miss Mick spoke about putting too much information in my story and making it confusing in the process. As I read back over it I could see her point. My short story The End Solution was trying to tell everything at once. I have since gone over it and made some changes which are taking it closer to being a story I want to read and not one that looks like my brain puked up all over the page. I will post it again on the site and on this blog. Thanks again Mick.

I kept on with writing my point of view chapter for the villain of the book I’m writing perspective last week. It’s getting harder but better with every word I write. This does however have me worrying a lot about missing things out. I’ve not done much recently so once I’ve signed a tenancy agreement and got myself set up again, I’ll write more of these things and of my story.

Thanks for reading and your comments are welcome.


first(of many)


This post comes directly from my smartphone. Which I’m a little bit scared of considering how awful blackberry’s are. I’m not even sure it’ll appear on my blog. Anyway, here goes.

I’ve continued to write my chapter from the villains point of view of my latest story. Its going well. I think. Making sure it all makes sense is driving me nuts in both good and bad ways. Good, because I’m being kept on my writing toes keep the story right and villains view point accurate. Bad, because I’m constantly second guessing EVERYTHING. which actually, is a good thing. Screw it, its all good. 

The thing is, I’ve been planning this part of this story for about a year so I just hope it turns ok. 

I received some good feedback from an author on about my short story ‘The End Solution’. It helped me a lot so I’ll implement some changes and show you a (hopefully) improved version soon.

Right that’s me done as its taken me ages to write this on my slow ass phone. Laters