first(of many)


This post comes directly from my smartphone. Which I’m a little bit scared of considering how awful blackberry’s are. I’m not even sure it’ll appear on my blog. Anyway, here goes.

I’ve continued to write my chapter from the villains point of view of my latest story. Its going well. I think. Making sure it all makes sense is driving me nuts in both good and bad ways. Good, because I’m being kept on my writing toes keep the story right and villains view point accurate. Bad, because I’m constantly second guessing EVERYTHING. which actually, is a good thing. Screw it, its all good. 

The thing is, I’ve been planning this part of this story for about a year so I just hope it turns ok. 

I received some good feedback from an author on about my short story ‘The End Solution’. It helped me a lot so I’ll implement some changes and show you a (hopefully) improved version soon.

Right that’s me done as its taken me ages to write this on my slow ass phone. Laters




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