Month: April 2014

It’s finished! And now onto the next one.



My second short story of the year entitled ‘A night like any other’, is finally finished. I continued with the third person view point and it seemed to work. When I go back over it and then look for feedback I’m sure I’ll find out it doesn’t. Or maybe it does. In my head it seemed to work as a way of connecting to two half’s of the story.

Both parts have been written from the first person view point so going to the third person, in my head anyway, allowed their stories to link up and conclude. I did consider going from the second person view point but I’ve only recently tried it. I didn’t want to use it until I was completely at ease with the second person view and, I just didn’t think it would work. I also ended up putting a twist in at the end which ties up any loose ends. I did consider leaving it to the reader to decide what happened next but I didn’t think it would work. Anyway, that story is complete.


So, I then found myself with nothing to do on a Tuesday night. I would usually update this little blog of mine but another run left me feeling tired and unable to concentrate or want to look at a computer screen. Having done that all day I’m sure you can understand. Instead, I wrote out an idea for my next story. The idea is about a world which is split equally into two half’s. Each being led by a leader that led their army to victory over a now completely dead third party. Once the dust settled, it was agreed by both leaders second in command, because the two leaders could not function after almost dying in the war, that the world be split equally. But the leaders, now living peacefully, long to fight each other to see who is the better warrior. However, with no fighting of any kind between the two sides, how would this ever happen?

Not sure yet. I have a rough idea but will go over it again soon. Iron out the creases. I could’ve done that last night but I ended up watching some football (soccer) and then a few episodes of The Walking Dead season 3. I’ll do it at some point.

Right, I’m off to do something else.

Good Pie.


It doesn’t look too bad after all.



Following on from last time, I’ve started to write the beginning of the end of my short story ‘A night like any other’. It’s a story of two complete strangers and how they eventually meet and fall for each other over the course of one night out written from the first person perspective of each of the characters alternately.

I like writing using the first person point of view as it makes me think more and more about the emotions people go through day to day. In just writing about something as simple as getting ready and going on a night out I’ve enjoyed how much detail I need to go into to make it even slightly realistic. And this hasn’t meant me going on and on, this has just meant being more concise and to the point to get the reader into the minds of my characters as smoothly and efficiently as possible. I have previously written and almost completed a long story from the first person view point so I might go back to it to keep it fresh in my mind. I’ll make that decision when I’m done with this story I think because it is hard work. But the good kind of hard work.

So, I’ve written 500 words which I’ve written from the third person view point. So much for liking first person and all that. I said last time that I wasn’t sure it would work but I think it has. Bit biased but there you go. As I was writing it, the impression it gave me was of two different paths meeting at the end of each of their respective journeys. Both meeting in a kind of inevitable conclusion. Or is it inevitable and is it the conclusion they both want? Who smeggin knows. I’ll come to that part when I’m right RIGHT at the end. Which should be soon and as always I’ll let you know.

Ok. As I’m quite tired I’ll leave it at that and go back to bed. I’ve already napped this afternoon which may or may not have been a good idea. Right then…






A couple more words and a fair few distractions.



Since last time I’ve managed to get another 500 words written for my short story. I’ve laid out the story using 500 words for the two main characters. First is from the man’s point of view, second from woman’s point of view and so on. The last 500 I have broken up into 250 word chunks for each character as they are about to meet. I’m thinking of changing the view point from first person to third for the final part of it. Though I’m not entirely sure it will work but I’m going to try it. In my head it will works wonders but usually that thought jumps right out of my brain once it’s been written. Fingers crossed and all that.

As for the distractions, having moved out of the flat I shared with my friend all we now have to do is get the deposit back. But will it be, again like it is in my head, all plain sailing? Of course not! This is life! How can something so simple be that way? The estate agents have contacted us and have played a very strange game in order to get as much of OUR deposit into THEIR pockets. My friend has unfortunately had plenty of experience with this kind of thing. He knows what to do but it is all a bit distracting. I was hoping to get the deposit back so I could book my yearly holiday. Hopefully it will all be sorted soon.

And then to my day job. I’m currently loaned over to a team whose department is expanding and will be offering permanent positions doing what I’m doing now. I should be able to apply on Monday so I’ve been getting my CV in order. Which has taken time as I keep going over and over it. More distractions but if all goes the way I’d like it to, I’ll have a new job and lots to look forward to.

All this has stopped me from writing as much as I’d like to so I’m going to use the next week to make up for it. I’ll let you know how it goes.

To sign off, The Picture of Dorian Gray is still going strong. I’d recommend it already without even being half way through it.

Right, I’m going. Bye Bye

Some words written. Some feedback read. And a huge YES to getting back on it!



I did say last time that I would post again on Sunday but, after doing some chores and going for a knee damaging run, I thought I’d leave it until I was feeling better. And now, after a non-knee damaging run and no chores, I’m feeling just fine.

I managed to get my first 500 words written in over a week. It felt good. I was also able to drive my short story along so the next time I add more prose to it, I’ll be close to the end. An end I have pictured in my head. It’s been there ever since I started writing it. The anticipation is something that I used to hate but now, it has become something I actually look forward to. If that makes sense. Anyway, after those 500 words…

Came the feedback I was looking forward to. It’s been a while since I posted anything on a website I knew I would get feedback from. And I’m delighted to say it turned out to be very helpful. One thing I always want from feedback, but am afraid to ask for strangely, is the critic correcting my punctuation and grammar. No matter how much I want to improve, I reckon it’ll just sort of happen one day. It will all sink in. I just want that day to come pretty smeggin quickly. The feedback was very helpful and has been dually noted. I do have another bit of feedback to go over as well which is exciting. Though after a quick glance I don’t think this guy is a fan. But, I want that as well. Maybe I am going wrong somewhere.

Both good and bad, all feedback can be used as long as it has some kind of constructive element to it.

And…YES to getting to back on it. It being writing and reading. I’ve picked back up The Picture of Dorian Gray. And it’s as good as I remembered it was and keeps getting better. Though, Oscar does like to go a bit with his descriptions. Which can be annoying.

Right, that’ll do. Till next time, have a good one.