It doesn’t look too bad after all.



Following on from last time, I’ve started to write the beginning of the end of my short story ‘A night like any other’. It’s a story of two complete strangers and how they eventually meet and fall for each other over the course of one night out written from the first person perspective of each of the characters alternately.

I like writing using the first person point of view as it makes me think more and more about the emotions people go through day to day. In just writing about something as simple as getting ready and going on a night out I’ve enjoyed how much detail I need to go into to make it even slightly realistic. And this hasn’t meant me going on and on, this has just meant being more concise and to the point to get the reader into the minds of my characters as smoothly and efficiently as possible. I have previously written and almost completed a long story from the first person view point so I might go back to it to keep it fresh in my mind. I’ll make that decision when I’m done with this story I think because it is hard work. But the good kind of hard work.

So, I’ve written 500 words which I’ve written from the third person view point. So much for liking first person and all that. I said last time that I wasn’t sure it would work but I think it has. Bit biased but there you go. As I was writing it, the impression it gave me was of two different paths meeting at the end of each of their respective journeys. Both meeting in a kind of inevitable conclusion. Or is it inevitable and is it the conclusion they both want? Who smeggin knows. I’ll come to that part when I’m right RIGHT at the end. Which should be soon and as always I’ll let you know.

Ok. As I’m quite tired I’ll leave it at that and go back to bed. I’ve already napped this afternoon which may or may not have been a good idea. Right then…







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