Month: March 2014

Not a word written. Hang on…did I just recharge my writing batteries by mistake?



Since my last post I’ve accomplished a lot of things.

I’ve been to Leeds for a night out with a few of my mates which was pretty good. So good that it left we four all wiped out for Friday night. That ended up consisting of two large domino’s pizzas between three of us, the forth of us having fallen asleep and was thus unable to attend, and few more beers. We also, with what little energy we had #gettingold, ripped into how poor some of the ‘comedy’ from Sport Relief was. Though I think it is a good cause, I prefer to something of a higher quality from very rich celebrities trying to get me to donate. Surely they could all chip in and pay for all the things they were talking about easily? Anyway…

After recovering we got back on the beers for another good day/night out on Saturday. Sunday was spent being very hung-over and having to start cleaning the flat and helping my flat mate move some of his stuff out before our tenancy ended the following Thursday. This turned out to be a good way to get through a hangover. This could be a new trend for me. We shall see.

Monday had me back in work, still hung-over, and packing up as much of my stuff as possible. This all led to Tuesday when another night out beckoned. It involved going to watch Man Utd at Old Trafford. Utd were soundly beaten but the drinks afterwards helped us get over it. Then, more cleaning and packing on the Wednesday.

I moved out on Thursday, my flat mate had moved out on the Wednesday night, but had to clean for two hours after the estate agent, some picky bloke who couldn’t even get into the building and had to wait until someone else let him in, told me I had to do some more things or get charged for a cleaner. Wonderful.

After all this, I finally moved in with my girlfriend. I’m settling in now and I’m glad I’ve done it. It feels good and right.

With all this, no writing. None. So, now I feel like I wasted my writing week. Or have I? I feel recharged and raring to go. I’m looking forward to catching up and getting my latest short story finished. I’ll also be able to read some feedback from the first chapter of my story, The Searcher’s Want. It’s finally up for review via! Oh feedback how I’ve missed you so. I’ll look forward to reading you very soon.

All this will be done within the next week, beginning on Sunday I think, and I’ll let you know how it goes.

I hope you’ve had a good week or so and will have another one. Or so.

Good Pie


Short stories for the win?


Last time I said I was starting to write my second short story of 2014. So far it is going really well and I’m thinking I might just have cracked my own particular preparation and execution methods for short stories. Or maybe I spoke to soon. I’ll let time sort that one out.

So, this story concerns two random people, a woman and a man, who are getting ready for a night out at the same time across manchester. I’m enjoying writing the two different stories next to each other and making sure they are going down the same time line. I’m using TV and alcohol consumption to help me do this and it looks to be working well enough so far.

I’ve done this kind of thing once before for another story and it does keep you on your toes. That story had a battle scene, and so far one of the most important happenings of that novel up to now, which I decided to tell from the four different view points of the main characters. It didn’t get that confusing thankfully but it was a close run thing. With such questions constantly running through my head as….

What did he say?
What did she say?
Where was he or she standing when he or she said or did that?
What could they see?
How would they react?
How did the react and what impact did it have on those around them?

And so on. ALL THE TIME!

For any of you who are going to try this, I’d suggest having a blank piece of paper ready just for making extra notes. And a notepad open on your laptop or PC (if you are using one) to copy and paste what people have said or done in a previous chapter or paragraph. It helped me to make sure I got each view point right and in sync. If you have already done this before, well done. It is taxing isn’t it?

I have also found time to join a new writing website, It is primarily focused around allowing writers to get feedback. I have decided to concentrate on websites that offer this service. As in, critque a story so you can get one back. I posted an extract of one of my stories last week to no response. It isn’t always a guarantee I’ll get feedback so I’m not fussed. It was worth a try. I have since posted it on and look forward to a response.

Right, I’m going to write some more of my short story. I hope you all have a good writing week or just a good week in general.


An extract from my novel, The Searcher’s Want.


As promised I’ve posted some of the first chapter for one of my stories. It has only been through a few edits but I would some feedback on this little part to gage how it is so far. I’m planning on posting the second half of the chapter in the future. So…

The following is the first two and a bit pages of my NaNoWriMo 2012 started novel, The Searcher’s Want. It centre’s around a group of hunters or ‘Searchers’ who hunt down and kill demons across the UK. There are groups like this around the world but this focuses on the UK contingent based in Manchester. There are four different kinds of demon that all possess certain skills for death, destruction, and general chaos. This wasn’t why they were created but they have rebelled and over hundreds of years developed into a real threat to mankind. The searchers, led by their immortal leader the searcher general, find and kill these demons before they can cause any large scale damage.

The demons are responsible for most of the crimes that happen in the UK. The searchers work in secret to stop them. This extract sees our hero, Aaron Watch, in the middle of a search and kill order (mission) for a demon spotted in the Northern Quarter of Manchester.

Feedback is more than welcome. Note: The extract is 1332 words long.

The Searchers Want.

By John Robert Sermon.


                This particular demon had always been good at blending in with its surroundings. It has a well-constructed mask over its head to cover its true form along with stylish gloves to cover the talons. The way it dresses would lead you to think this catcher demon was just some fashionista type with too much money to burn and not enough sense.

No one in this fancy looking bar is paying much attention to it, or him as far as they could see, except maybe for the barman who was making good tips. You would have to look to the far end of the bar to find someone who cared. The searcher is keeping a close eye on his prey. Aaron Watch has a job to do.

“Can I buy you a drink?” she asked the demon after watching him for quite some time. The bar was busy for a Tuesday night. The ‘Mox’ bar was a place known to be an easy pick up spot for anyone looking for something that didn’t mean anything.

“I would say you can. Whiskey please. On the rocks.” The demon said. They had become very good at sounding charming, sophisticated, and most importantly, attractive.

“Coming right up. Oh barman, service please?” Aaron knew from looking at her that she is prime meat. She’s tall with an ample chest and backside to match. All this was just about held in by a tight, ill-fitting dress which showed it all off. He also spotted how pretty she was and the look in her eye.  The type of girl you met in this bar all looked as if they were destined for something greater but got very lost along the way.

“You shouldn’t stare you know.” A woman said as she leaned in and blocked Aaron’s view. The bar curved round so he could sit at the end of it and watch discreetly. He had always been good at spotting women who fancied the look of him and moving away whilst on a search and kill. Aaron was not a great looking man but he was nice enough and a lot of women thought so too. Every so often he would take advantage of this but not on this night.

“You shouldn’t talk to strangers.” He replied before taking a big gulp of water.

“I could change that for you if you like?” she said leaning in a little more. Aaron hadn’t taken a proper look at her yet as he was trying to keep as much of his eye as possible on the target. The demon was still at the bar and had just started to drink his newly acquired drink.

“And how could you change it?” Aaron asked turning to face her. What struck him first was the look in her eye. It seemed to be of forced desperation which put him on his guard. She wasn’t the best looking woman he’d seen but she did have nice, light brown skin and high cheeks bones. She was another woman who was ample chested and round bummed but in this case it was all in proportion, unlike the catcher’s possible prey. These kinds of women could either be prostitutes or actual women. It was difficult to tell.

“By flirting with you a little bit.” She was an actual woman. She was clean and had bright, searching eyes. He could tell she had not let her soul go so cold.

“You’re a cheeky one aren’t you?” He said with a smile. Aaron had a slightly chiselled jaw and nice teeth. His brown hair touched his ears in a by design scruffy way. She took her time eyeing him up at close range which he liked. If she kept smiling, he was in. If she became serious, she would be polite until she got her drink and then she would make an excuse. He learned this long before becoming a searcher.

“Do you like that?” she purred leaning in a little bit more. Aaron suddenly realised where he’d seen this before. He glanced over at his catcher demon, still entertaining his ample and potential meal, and glanced back at his. She matched his glances.

“That’s Sarah. She had her eye on you as soon you walked in. We’ve both been without men for a while so we figured we’d help each other out. I however, when asked to chat you up for her, decided I wanted you instead. She then spotted the hunch back at the bar and went straight over. He’s cute, but you’re sexy.” Her eyes changed as she finished talking. In truth, he wasn’t really listening. He was making sure his demon was occupied. He couldn’t take the demon out and kill it until it did something. If the demon walked out with Sarah he’d have to follow. This would mean that he would have to walk out with his woman and when all four of them met for the first time, the demon would run having immediately identified that he was a searcher. Searchers can identify demons from a long distance whereas demons can identify searchers from a short distance. It’s something Aaron wanted to avoid. He liked to kill his demons quickly and without them really knowing what had hit them.

“You keep looking over there. What can I do to keep you looking over here?” She said brushing her hands against her chest. Aaron was interested and to find a woman who looked like she did and wasn’t a prostitute wasn’t something that happened every day.

“Could I have your number?” He said hoping to get the number and leave. He would wait outside for the demon and kill it there.

“You can but under one condition. You kiss me in such a way that would make me want to see you again?”

“Kiss you in such a way? You don’t usually come here do you? Or dress so revealingly.” At this her face changed and she noticeably calmed down. He had an inkling she was putting on an act from the start. He glanced over and he could see that the demon was starting to charm Sarah now. It was the start of his move.

“No I don’t. I’m a secretary at a law firm in town. I usually wear suits or just casual jeans and the like. I only came here because Sarah wanted to and she is in the mood for sex.”

“That’s fair enough but you don’t have to dress like this. You could come in wearing your pyjamas and still be the prettiest woman in the room.” A more natural looking smile crossed her face and she leaned back taking something out of her handbag from over her shoulder.

“Here. It’s my business card. Call me and we’ll have a proper date.”

“Yes we will.” He’d been told enough times that he’s a ‘smooth operator’ but never really understood it. She stood up and straightened her long brown hair a little before putting some behind her ear. She walked off towards Sarah and the demon. Aaron looked at the card. Isabella Woodley. Williams Kim & Associates Barristers and Solicitors. “Isabella.” He put the card in his pocket and looked back at the demon. Isabella walked over and put a hand gently on Sarah’s shoulder and whispered into her ear. Sarah nodded and as Isabella turned to walk away spotted something on the demons neck. Aaron knew what it was immediately. Some of its mask was coming away to reveal the purple scaly skin underneath.

“What is that?” Sarah said looking frightened. Isabella looked over at me and frowned. Did she know this was why I was spying on him? Instinctively, Aaron got up and started to walk over to them. The demon turned and spotted Aaron, downed his drink, and quickly walked out of the bar. As Aaron passed them, trying to look casual before a full on pursuit began, Isabella continued to frown as she watched him leave.

My second short story of 2014. Maybe I’ll get this done after all…


Firstly, I’ve been saying I will post some, if not all of the first chapter from my NaNoWriMo 2012 effort, The Searcher’s Want. I shall do this tomorrow after a couple of edits. Though I know this will not iron out all of the creases it will give you fine people a better sense of what the story is about and how it will end up.

Okidoke. So, last time I mentioned I finished my first short story of 2014, I’ll live. I always do. A little bit of prose concerning the 20th immortal (born 1900) who now lives in Manchester and is still trying to find the reason behind his existence. Being immortal has allowed him the luxury of being able to go and do anything he has wanted due to the amazing amount of time he has in which to do it. But doing this has given him no answers. I’ll be editing this at some point, not to sure what point that will be, but I’ll more than likely put a sample of it on this blog.

Once this story was done I wanted to start on another as soon as possible. Now, I didn’t want to just throw anything down on a computer paper so I racked my brain for a few days trying to come up with something and then I remembered another idea I have been sitting on for a while.

When I was single and went on a night out with my friends I, when I was younger at least, would consider it a good night if I met and got off with (kissed and squeezed and that) a girl. If not I would consider it a failure. In the past few years I’ve moved more towards having a good time and the girl would be a happy side note. But I always wondered, how would a story read of two completely random people going on a night out and meeting up? From them getting ready to that moment they catch each other’s eye?

One of my favourite films illustrates this really well and inspired me to have the idea in the first place. The film adaptation of The Rules of Attraction by Bret Easton Ellis. Roger Avery uses split screen to show what Sean and Lauren do on the morning before they meet for the first time. It focuses on different aspects of their separate journeys all on one screen. This is back from 2002. I’ve been sitting on this for so long I’m surprised it hasn’t melted. Hopefully it will look as good on paper as it did in that film.

Anyway, I made some notes and started writing. It seems easier to go straight into writing another story instead of leaving a gap of a month or so like I usually do. Maybe I’ll get this one short story a month plan done after all. I’ve never started writing so quickly after finishing so this could be how I should have been writing all along. Or not. Whatever.

I’m off to edit The Searcher’s Want. And I leave you with a question…Do you know of any films that use the split screen gambit to great effect?



One down…and lots more to go.



I finished the Bottle Imp! It was a really good story and towards the end was sending me all over the place emotionally. The ending wasn’t what I expected either. If I can write with even just a fraction of brilliance of Robert Louis Stevenson at any point in my life, I’ll be a happy man.

After that I started to read The Picture of Dorian Gray. I’m only a few pages into it but already it’s good. I’ve already gotten past the great line, ‘It is silly of you, for there is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.’ Ha! That immediately took my brain back to a Monty Python sketch. See for yourself;

I haven’t gone back to it since last week, due to a combination of a cold and forgetfulness, but I shall soon. Maybe tomorrow. Or even tonight. So far the story has already intriguing me, and after five pages no less.

In-between this and getting over a cold which threatened to derail two nights out (which it didn’t, get in!) I finished my first short story of many for 2014. A little tale about an immortal living in Manchester initially entitled, ‘I’ll live. I always do.’ It about Henry and his quest to find the meaning behind his eternal existence. But when he commits an act that leads to him finding out this meaning, is it what he had hoped for?

Probably. So far I have ended it how I wanted to the first time I started to think about it. I will be going over it again along with continuing to write The End Solution and editing some of a finished first draft of a long story of mine, The Searcher’s Want. I recall saying I was going to post Searcher’s on this little blog of mine and Solution someplace else. I will hope to do that soon and, hopefully, await your feedback and anyone else’s.

Right, I’m off to possible get an early night as my first run in over a month has knackered my out.

Bye Bye