Short stories for the win?


Last time I said I was starting to write my second short story of 2014. So far it is going really well and I’m thinking I might just have cracked my own particular preparation and execution methods for short stories. Or maybe I spoke to soon. I’ll let time sort that one out.

So, this story concerns two random people, a woman and a man, who are getting ready for a night out at the same time across manchester. I’m enjoying writing the two different stories next to each other and making sure they are going down the same time line. I’m using TV and alcohol consumption to help me do this and it looks to be working well enough so far.

I’ve done this kind of thing once before for another story and it does keep you on your toes. That story had a battle scene, and so far one of the most important happenings of that novel up to now, which I decided to tell from the four different view points of the main characters. It didn’t get that confusing thankfully but it was a close run thing. With such questions constantly running through my head as….

What did he say?
What did she say?
Where was he or she standing when he or she said or did that?
What could they see?
How would they react?
How did the react and what impact did it have on those around them?

And so on. ALL THE TIME!

For any of you who are going to try this, I’d suggest having a blank piece of paper ready just for making extra notes. And a notepad open on your laptop or PC (if you are using one) to copy and paste what people have said or done in a previous chapter or paragraph. It helped me to make sure I got each view point right and in sync. If you have already done this before, well done. It is taxing isn’t it?

I have also found time to join a new writing website, It is primarily focused around allowing writers to get feedback. I have decided to concentrate on websites that offer this service. As in, critque a story so you can get one back. I posted an extract of one of my stories last week to no response. It isn’t always a guarantee I’ll get feedback so I’m not fussed. It was worth a try. I have since posted it on and look forward to a response.

Right, I’m going to write some more of my short story. I hope you all have a good writing week or just a good week in general.



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