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Some words written. Some feedback read. And a huge YES to getting back on it!



I did say last time that I would post again on Sunday but, after doing some chores and going for a knee damaging run, I thought I’d leave it until I was feeling better. And now, after a non-knee damaging run and no chores, I’m feeling just fine.

I managed to get my first 500 words written in over a week. It felt good. I was also able to drive my short story along so the next time I add more prose to it, I’ll be close to the end. An end I have pictured in my head. It’s been there ever since I started writing it. The anticipation is something that I used to hate but now, it has become something I actually look forward to. If that makes sense. Anyway, after those 500 words…

Came the feedback I was looking forward to. It’s been a while since I posted anything on a website I knew I would get feedback from. And I’m delighted to say it turned out to be very helpful. One thing I always want from feedback, but am afraid to ask for strangely, is the critic correcting my punctuation and grammar. No matter how much I want to improve, I reckon it’ll just sort of happen one day. It will all sink in. I just want that day to come pretty smeggin quickly. The feedback was very helpful and has been dually noted. I do have another bit of feedback to go over as well which is exciting. Though after a quick glance I don’t think this guy is a fan. But, I want that as well. Maybe I am going wrong somewhere.

Both good and bad, all feedback can be used as long as it has some kind of constructive element to it.

And…YES to getting to back on it. It being writing and reading. I’ve picked back up The Picture of Dorian Gray. And it’s as good as I remembered it was and keeps getting better. Though, Oscar does like to go a bit with his descriptions. Which can be annoying.

Right, that’ll do. Till next time, have a good one.


Not a word written. Hang on…did I just recharge my writing batteries by mistake?



Since my last post I’ve accomplished a lot of things.

I’ve been to Leeds for a night out with a few of my mates which was pretty good. So good that it left we four all wiped out for Friday night. That ended up consisting of two large domino’s pizzas between three of us, the forth of us having fallen asleep and was thus unable to attend, and few more beers. We also, with what little energy we had #gettingold, ripped into how poor some of the ‘comedy’ from Sport Relief was. Though I think it is a good cause, I prefer to something of a higher quality from very rich celebrities trying to get me to donate. Surely they could all chip in and pay for all the things they were talking about easily? Anyway…

After recovering we got back on the beers for another good day/night out on Saturday. Sunday was spent being very hung-over and having to start cleaning the flat and helping my flat mate move some of his stuff out before our tenancy ended the following Thursday. This turned out to be a good way to get through a hangover. This could be a new trend for me. We shall see.

Monday had me back in work, still hung-over, and packing up as much of my stuff as possible. This all led to Tuesday when another night out beckoned. It involved going to watch Man Utd at Old Trafford. Utd were soundly beaten but the drinks afterwards helped us get over it. Then, more cleaning and packing on the Wednesday.

I moved out on Thursday, my flat mate had moved out on the Wednesday night, but had to clean for two hours after the estate agent, some picky bloke who couldn’t even get into the building and had to wait until someone else let him in, told me I had to do some more things or get charged for a cleaner. Wonderful.

After all this, I finally moved in with my girlfriend. I’m settling in now and I’m glad I’ve done it. It feels good and right.

With all this, no writing. None. So, now I feel like I wasted my writing week. Or have I? I feel recharged and raring to go. I’m looking forward to catching up and getting my latest short story finished. I’ll also be able to read some feedback from the first chapter of my story, The Searcher’s Want. It’s finally up for review via http://www.critquecircle.com! Oh feedback how I’ve missed you so. I’ll look forward to reading you very soon.

All this will be done within the next week, beginning on Sunday I think, and I’ll let you know how it goes.

I hope you’ve had a good week or so and will have another one. Or so.

Good Pie

Short stories for the win?


Last time I said I was starting to write my second short story of 2014. So far it is going really well and I’m thinking I might just have cracked my own particular preparation and execution methods for short stories. Or maybe I spoke to soon. I’ll let time sort that one out.

So, this story concerns two random people, a woman and a man, who are getting ready for a night out at the same time across manchester. I’m enjoying writing the two different stories next to each other and making sure they are going down the same time line. I’m using TV and alcohol consumption to help me do this and it looks to be working well enough so far.

I’ve done this kind of thing once before for another story and it does keep you on your toes. That story had a battle scene, and so far one of the most important happenings of that novel up to now, which I decided to tell from the four different view points of the main characters. It didn’t get that confusing thankfully but it was a close run thing. With such questions constantly running through my head as….

What did he say?
What did she say?
Where was he or she standing when he or she said or did that?
What could they see?
How would they react?
How did the react and what impact did it have on those around them?

And so on. ALL THE TIME!

For any of you who are going to try this, I’d suggest having a blank piece of paper ready just for making extra notes. And a notepad open on your laptop or PC (if you are using one) to copy and paste what people have said or done in a previous chapter or paragraph. It helped me to make sure I got each view point right and in sync. If you have already done this before, well done. It is taxing isn’t it?

I have also found time to join a new writing website, http://www.scribophile.com. It is primarily focused around allowing writers to get feedback. I have decided to concentrate on websites that offer this service. As in, critque a story so you can get one back. I posted an extract of one of my stories last week to no response. It isn’t always a guarantee I’ll get feedback so I’m not fussed. It was worth a try. I have since posted it on critiquecircle.com and look forward to a response.

Right, I’m going to write some more of my short story. I hope you all have a good writing week or just a good week in general.


And so to the edit. Not forgetting the writing of course.



I’ve started to edit the first chapters of two of my novels simultaneously. I’m liking how, as both stories are quite different, I’m not getting confused. Sometimes I think I’m going to focus more on one than the other or get parts of one story mixed up with another one.

The Searcher’s Want, which I started for NaNoWriMo 2012 and finished recently, starts off in the same fashion as The End Solution, my ongoing NaNoWriMo 2013 effort. I’ve found over these two and over my other stories short and long, finished and unfinished that I’ve written, start by putting the reader in the middle of the action. I have always preferred this when reading any story so it doesn’t surprise me that I have started my own stories this way. But I am pleasantly surprised I’m being consistent with my writing. Had to happen some time.

Both stories so far have started with the main character doing what he is chiefly known for. With the End Solution, the main character is about to and does remove the chemical from a potential threat to society. In The Searcher’s Want, he is searching for a demon and killing it. For me, putting the reader straight into the action is the best way to start. I like to be slowly fed the story. I also love reading a fast paced action scene. Writing them is a joy as well. All my long stories have many of these scenes in them but not too many. Well, so far anyway. I’ll probably remove some and add others when the edit gets into full swing. 

I’m going to post a draft of the first page or two of The Searchers Want on this blog and most if not all of the first chapter of The End Solution on http://www.critiquecircle.com/ sometime soon. Your comments and constructive feedback will be appreciated.

Along with this, so that I don’t get too settled into a routine, I’m continuing to write The End Solution. I wanted to write a page a day throughout January but a combination of laziness and doing other stuff meant I managed ten pages. Which isn’t too bad considering I’m editing as well. And so from this I ask….

Did you manage to get a lot of writing done in your January?

Good pie.