Not a word written. Hang on…did I just recharge my writing batteries by mistake?



Since my last post I’ve accomplished a lot of things.

I’ve been to Leeds for a night out with a few of my mates which was pretty good. So good that it left we four all wiped out for Friday night. That ended up consisting of two large domino’s pizzas between three of us, the forth of us having fallen asleep and was thus unable to attend, and few more beers. We also, with what little energy we had #gettingold, ripped into how poor some of the ‘comedy’ from Sport Relief was. Though I think it is a good cause, I prefer to something of a higher quality from very rich celebrities trying to get me to donate. Surely they could all chip in and pay for all the things they were talking about easily? Anyway…

After recovering we got back on the beers for another good day/night out on Saturday. Sunday was spent being very hung-over and having to start cleaning the flat and helping my flat mate move some of his stuff out before our tenancy ended the following Thursday. This turned out to be a good way to get through a hangover. This could be a new trend for me. We shall see.

Monday had me back in work, still hung-over, and packing up as much of my stuff as possible. This all led to Tuesday when another night out beckoned. It involved going to watch Man Utd at Old Trafford. Utd were soundly beaten but the drinks afterwards helped us get over it. Then, more cleaning and packing on the Wednesday.

I moved out on Thursday, my flat mate had moved out on the Wednesday night, but had to clean for two hours after the estate agent, some picky bloke who couldn’t even get into the building and had to wait until someone else let him in, told me I had to do some more things or get charged for a cleaner. Wonderful.

After all this, I finally moved in with my girlfriend. I’m settling in now and I’m glad I’ve done it. It feels good and right.

With all this, no writing. None. So, now I feel like I wasted my writing week. Or have I? I feel recharged and raring to go. I’m looking forward to catching up and getting my latest short story finished. I’ll also be able to read some feedback from the first chapter of my story, The Searcher’s Want. It’s finally up for review via! Oh feedback how I’ve missed you so. I’ll look forward to reading you very soon.

All this will be done within the next week, beginning on Sunday I think, and I’ll let you know how it goes.

I hope you’ve had a good week or so and will have another one. Or so.

Good Pie


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