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The edit is close and the entry is sent.



So, I went over my competition entry one more time and, after having to email it somewhere else due to printer problems, I printed it off at that somewhere else and sent it off! I’m feeling confident, like I always do, but even if I don’t get anything back it’s a step in right direction. It’s the first time I’ve edited one of mine or anyone else’s stories in different sections. Usually I would just make sure the story sounded good from a grammar and punctuation stand point but this time I went at it from the story, description, dialogue, location and character angles along with grammar and punctuation. I found this extremely useful as when I had edited the story previously I had assumed, for example, that the dialogue was fine. But when I only focused on that I realised it didn’t make sense where it needed to. I sorted that out and it was ready. I’m now primed to edit my NaNoWriMo 2012 entry, The Searcher’s Want. But not before I finish my final short story to prepare for the sequel to another story of mine, The Town of the Mountain.

Now, this last short story concerns the people that have shaped the world in which The Town of the Mountain and its sequel are living in. You see, the hunters from the Town have always been trained up by one person. A man who posed as the Master Craftsman that owned and made all of the wooden sculptures that he sold in his craft shop. To everyone else he is just a hunched over Craftsman but the hunters know better and each hunter is sworn to keep this secret upon penalty of death. But the Master Craftsman is so much more than just a trainer of monster hunters. He is a member of a secret guild that helps to protect the country and with the ever increasing monster threat to said country, the guild needs to take drastic measures in order to protect it.

Get in! Sorry, but I have, since creating the Master Craftsman character, wanted to write a solid back story and have him slap bang in the middle of the sequel. Thankfully, as I’ve been writing his short story, it has all come together. I should finish the story by the end of the week and then begin planning how I’m going to start editing a story with over 81,000 words to it as opposed to under 1000. That should be fun. Well, of course it will be but it will take time and I think I’ll have to fix my printer, after trying to ignore it for weeks, so I can do that effectively. I don’t think I can keep sending stuff ‘somewhere else’ and have them not get wind of me using their facilities for things there’re not meant to be used for. Anyway…

I’m off now. Thanks for reading and have a good week.