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The Edit 2 – Bank holiday Drinking/Hangover’s and Exercise 4.

Hello again,


The Edit has continued but not at the pace I thought it would. You see, as I always do in these situations, I forget to factor in the other things I like to do in my spare time. For instance, I decided to go for a run last Thursday that left me pretty tired. I was glad to burn 700 calories but as it was my first run in a couple of weeks, my knees didn’t thank me for it. I didn’t feel that editing whilst knackered would be a good idea so I didn’t do any. I’ve tried it before and it just ends up being worthless as I would only edit a small amount and would end up deleting it.

Anyway, last Friday rolled around and I managed to edit another page of my manuscript. The first chapter of my demon hunting tale, The Searcher’s Want, has already been edited before so I only concerned myself with making sure the story made sense and overall it sounded good. It did except for one part of it. The end part of the page. It came to me, whilst drinking for my friends leaving BBQ and then later in FAB café in Manchester, that I needed to change it. I had explained briefly and in a forced way a small piece of back story for my lead character. I copied the offending paragraph and replaced it with something that worked better for the chapter as a whole. It was slap bang in the middle of a chase scene and it didn’t make sense for it to be there. I’ll paste it in somewhere else when it actually makes sense. This bout of editing took up the two sessions, Friday and Sunday, but it ultimately gave me the chance to write a chase and fight scene to make the chapter work which I enjoy writing the most. These two sessions could’ve been four if not for…

Hangovers. As good as they are bad, hangovers.

Now, I think hangovers are bad because I get nothing done. I think they’re good because, for me anyway, at the end of a hangover day I’ve usually had a takeaway or something equally as greasy (a takeaway pizza on Saturday and a double cheese burger on Yesterday to be exact) and I usually end up having a great night’s sleep. Probably because I got in at 3.30-4am after each drinking session and only slept a few hours with the hangover actually keeping me awake. I did think about editing whilst hung over but it has never worked before so I didn’t break the habit. I’m not drinking now for two weeks so I’ll get a load of editing done. Promise.

OK then, I’ll get back to it. I hope you all have a good week.