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November without NaNoWriMo.


This year, I decided not to take part in NaNoWriMo 2016 and concentrate on my writing and editing instead.

I was already thinking about a story, a prequel to one I had finished back in March this year, as a way of starting my November. That story concerned giant Rockworms and their adventures after they crash land on Earth.  Actually, that makes it sound like they’re a bunch of happy go lucky scamps looking for their next jaunt. They are a species that has been forced to leave its planet as it collapsed around them. This is all down to their King and his selfish ways. I didn’t consider a prequel to the March Rockworms story until I started to like the Rockworms as much as the humans. I managed to make one to the worms charming. Well, I think I did. Since finishing that tale, I wanted to tell his story and of how they all got to Earth and I wanted to write it quickly. With this in mind, I adopted the ‘Pomodoro’ technique. The idea being that you work for 25 minutes and then rest. I wrote for 25 minutes, keeping my face glued to the screen and barely looking away, each day and managed to finish the story within 2 weeks. It would have been quicker but a few hangovers along the way.

Once that story was finished, I moved onto some editing. Way back in March 2015, I started to write a western. I have always loved watching westerns with The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly being my all-time favorite film. I have been forming a western in my mind for some years whilst listening to different metal music on my travels here and there and walks to work. Different scenes would present themselves and then pop up again and again. Initially, I started to write it without much in the way of notes. This turned out to be a bad idea. I ended up starting well but somehow finding myself writing my hero cowering away from a confrontation with the main villain of the piece and letting his friend do all the talking for him. What kind of hero does that? Not my kind. I’m currently in the process of going back over that story and then finishing it. Taking out any parts that don’t seem to make any sense and that move away from the story I wanted to write.

Unlike most of my past writing, I have been pleasantly surprised at how alright most of it is. I’m happy to keep a lot of it but have found some absolutely random rubbish that really didn’t make any sense at all. The edit is going well so far and I’m quietly confident. Though when I finally post some of it on this blog of mine that may disappear. Fingers crossed.

So, November has consisted of one short story and starting the edit of a story I hope will become one of my favorites. See you next year NaNoWriMo.

I finish this post with a question.

What technique(s), if any, do you use when you sit down to write?



Getting Ready For NaNoWriMo


Holy crap it’s only two days away. Well, for me I’ll start tomorrow as I’m busy on Thursday so it’s tomorrow. Great.

I’ve been making more notes so I can start my story without a lot of hesitation. Though the main thing I’ve gathered is you shouldn’t really hesitate at all. Just go for it. Write and write and write until the magic 50,000 word mark is hit and probably passed. It sounds a bit daunting but if I go at 2000 words a day that allows for five days out of the month for research and rest. I think I’m ready.

I did some last minute training for it as well by writing two pages, around 1200 words, for my latest pov chapter from the latest book I’m writing. Ok it not 2000 but I felt good after writing it and I’ve done 2000+ in one sitting before.

Now I think about it, at the end of November I would’ve finished writing one story and still not be finished writing the one I’m currently working on. One which I started 2nd March 2010. Hopefully after November I’ll finish that in no time and have in total three finished stories. All ready to be edited. And ripped apart. And probably changed beyond all recognition from how they started. Never mind. I’ll allow it as I love it so.

If you’re taking part in NaNoWriMo or are interested in it, go to http://www.nanowrimo.org my user name is johnrsermon (surprisingly). I’ve also come up with a first draft of the synopsis (below) for the novel I’ll be writing. Let me know what you think. Cheers.

” Title; The Searcher’s Want.

Synopsis(first draft)

For every bad thing that happens on the planet (killings, rape, illegal trafficking of any kind etc) there is always one common denominator. A demon was responsible. There are four different kinds of demon’s who perpetrate any crime on a large scale. A serial killer or a rapist will be identified but he or she didn’t kill anyone, it was a demon.
These demons are only known to those who seek to kill them. They are searchers. Who job is to search and kill them before they can do anymore harm. This has been the case for over 300 years.
The demons however, are starting to band together. They want to take over the world once and for all. But the searchers want to stop them for good. At any cost. “