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It’s finished! And now onto the next one.



My second short story of the year entitled ‘A night like any other’, is finally finished. I continued with the third person view point and it seemed to work. When I go back over it and then look for feedback I’m sure I’ll find out it doesn’t. Or maybe it does. In my head it seemed to work as a way of connecting to two half’s of the story.

Both parts have been written from the first person view point so going to the third person, in my head anyway, allowed their stories to link up and conclude. I did consider going from the second person view point but I’ve only recently tried it. I didn’t want to use it until I was completely at ease with the second person view and, I just didn’t think it would work. I also ended up putting a twist in at the end which ties up any loose ends. I did consider leaving it to the reader to decide what happened next but I didn’t think it would work. Anyway, that story is complete.


So, I then found myself with nothing to do on a Tuesday night. I would usually update this little blog of mine but another run left me feeling tired and unable to concentrate or want to look at a computer screen. Having done that all day I’m sure you can understand. Instead, I wrote out an idea for my next story. The idea is about a world which is split equally into two half’s. Each being led by a leader that led their army to victory over a now completely dead third party. Once the dust settled, it was agreed by both leaders second in command, because the two leaders could not function after almost dying in the war, that the world be split equally. But the leaders, now living peacefully, long to fight each other to see who is the better warrior. However, with no fighting of any kind between the two sides, how would this ever happen?

Not sure yet. I have a rough idea but will go over it again soon. Iron out the creases. I could’ve done that last night but I ended up watching some football (soccer) and then a few episodes of The Walking Dead season 3. I’ll do it at some point.

Right, I’m off to do something else.

Good Pie.

My second short story of 2014. Maybe I’ll get this done after all…


Firstly, I’ve been saying I will post some, if not all of the first chapter from my NaNoWriMo 2012 effort, The Searcher’s Want. I shall do this tomorrow after a couple of edits. Though I know this will not iron out all of the creases it will give you fine people a better sense of what the story is about and how it will end up.

Okidoke. So, last time I mentioned I finished my first short story of 2014, I’ll live. I always do. A little bit of prose concerning the 20th immortal (born 1900) who now lives in Manchester and is still trying to find the reason behind his existence. Being immortal has allowed him the luxury of being able to go and do anything he has wanted due to the amazing amount of time he has in which to do it. But doing this has given him no answers. I’ll be editing this at some point, not to sure what point that will be, but I’ll more than likely put a sample of it on this blog.

Once this story was done I wanted to start on another as soon as possible. Now, I didn’t want to just throw anything down on a computer paper so I racked my brain for a few days trying to come up with something and then I remembered another idea I have been sitting on for a while.

When I was single and went on a night out with my friends I, when I was younger at least, would consider it a good night if I met and got off with (kissed and squeezed and that) a girl. If not I would consider it a failure. In the past few years I’ve moved more towards having a good time and the girl would be a happy side note. But I always wondered, how would a story read of two completely random people going on a night out and meeting up? From them getting ready to that moment they catch each other’s eye?

One of my favourite films illustrates this really well and inspired me to have the idea in the first place. The film adaptation of The Rules of Attraction by Bret Easton Ellis. Roger Avery uses split screen to show what Sean and Lauren do on the morning before they meet for the first time. It focuses on different aspects of their separate journeys all on one screen. This is back from 2002. I’ve been sitting on this for so long I’m surprised it hasn’t melted. Hopefully it will look as good on paper as it did in that film.

Anyway, I made some notes and started writing. It seems easier to go straight into writing another story instead of leaving a gap of a month or so like I usually do. Maybe I’ll get this one short story a month plan done after all. I’ve never started writing so quickly after finishing so this could be how I should have been writing all along. Or not. Whatever.

I’m off to edit The Searcher’s Want. And I leave you with a question…Do you know of any films that use the split screen gambit to great effect?