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And it keeps on going. #amediting



And the edit goes on. I’ve managed to do three chapters and a bit so far. The story is in its introduction faze as in introducing people and building the picture. This will lead to research, which leads to a big re write in the back ground before rewriting the actual thing. I know this because…

I edited the first page of the forth chapter by mistake. I must’ve just printed off an extra page or something. That page reminded me of the first big back story I have to re-write for this story. The hero of the piece has a miscreant sister that inadvertently paved the way for him becoming a searcher. I have it in my mind’s eye and all that for her to come good in some way. But now I think about it, maybe she won’t. I don’t know at this point, but a vehicle was needed for my hero to travel in towards greatness so she’ll feature in some way.  I think I’ve got enough villains but they’re all demons. Should all my villains be non-humans? Who knows? I’ll probably decide whilst I’m in work and then struggle to find a pen to write it down. Fingers crossed I remember it when I’m already on Evernote.

I’ve found that I can edit a few pages in a sitting and not feel like I’m rushing. When I realised this I naturally assumed I could get the edit done slightly quicker than I thought. No dice sunshine said the universe. What with life having me doing loads of stuff, chief among these seeing my sister, brother in law and little nephew over the weekend, means that the edit will stay on the track it was on when I started. Whatever that was. As soon as I think I’m getting ahead, I find I’ve said to myself, just one more game of Pro Evo Soccer, too many times and the evening has got away from me. Here’s hoping I can get some discipline when it comes to that game.

Ok. I can’t think of anything to write so…have a good week doing whatever you do.

Good bye.


The villains are made. But what of the new hero’s?



As the title suggests, the villains have been created. The villains of my sequel to the Bugbear adventure I’m preparing to write that is. I found some notes from around 18 months ago that had, along with the Vampire, Gargoyle, Dragon and Demon, Giants and Werewolves as the villains for this sequel of mine. And, though writing about Giants and Werewolves sounds great, I didn’t fancy having to juggle too many bad guys at any given time. I have finished the villain’s short story that I mentioned at the end of my last post and have crafted the starts of a plan for the villains to combat the new scourge of their lives, the hunters. A plan is in motion so when I come to write the whole sequel, I can at least have a starting point.

I considered writing about the Giants and Werewolves but I’d prefer to be able to calmly create four villains than possibly botch creating six. And in the past I’ve not enjoyed creating loads of villains anyway. I’ve already got seven (so far) hunters to scribble about and I’ve decided to make three out of the four villains have vast amount amounts like them as well. The Vampire will at least have an army at his disposal. An army which can be added to at any time. And, three of the seven hunters only saw real battle at the end of Town of the Mountain, so they’re on a steep learning curve to say the least. Which is the main focus of….

My next short story. Which is already finished! It concerns the newest hero’s to this tale, three of the four hunters that survived almost being beaten to death by the hunters of the town of the mountain, who then survived a hoard of bugbears not long afterwards (for more information, either ask me or look back over my previous blog posts). The three, Jackson, Meredith and Albert, have been sent to London to tackle its Dragon problem. They engage the beast in a heated physical and mental battle before the Dragon retreats. Or so they think. These three may or may not act separately from the main hunters but I’m not quite sure yet. I’ll have to mull it over. I’m glad it all formed on the page enough so that I had a starting point at least. I’m yet to write all the character profiles so this could all go out of the window.

Anyway, in between all of this I’ve kept on reading Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson. I’m just about getting used to the language used, which is well old and with a lot of Scottish words and ways of speaking, but thankfully I can still read it smoothly enough. If I couldn’t, the book would have been out of the tram window in no time. I’ll let you know if I do. And try and take of picture of it as well.

Right then, Bye!