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A little looks to be going a long way.


I recently read an article about in ‘Writing Magazine’ about getting the first draft of your novel finished and one part caught my eye. The rest of it was stuff I already knew. Stuff like having a structure for your story, just typing and not worrying to much about the content as the edit will take care of it and so on. But the one thing that stood out for me was this.(well the general meaning of it anyway as I can’t remember the full quote)

‘You don’t have to write vast amounts each day. Even if you only write a small amount they’re all words that will get you closer to completing your novel.’

I often worry that I should be writing a certain amount each time I sit down at my desk. I’d find myself forcing out 2000 words when really I only felt up to writing 500. But 500 every day is a good amount in anyone’s book. Even just 100 is fair. As you will probably know if you’re into to writing something the words will just flow. Before you know it you’ll count them and find you’ve done a few hundred in no time.

I’m getting into writing everyday and it is very rewarding. I find that I’m moving my current story along nicely and getting closer to the final epic(hopefully) battle that concludes the whole thing. I’ve even used my main twist which I’ve been waiting to use for AGES.

Well, I’ll get back to it. But one question before I do, how many words do you write each day when you’re writing a story?