You can’t have too many characters. Can you?


I find myself at a particular part of my current story that I’m not the biggest fan of.

The bit just before the climax of the story.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’ll still put all I have into writing this part of the story like I have with the rest of it but as I write it all I can think of is…How should I start the final battle scene? Who should die? Who should be the hero? What surprises should I or indeed do I need to put in? etc etc etc

Now, in this part of my current story my (reluctant) hero is waiting for backup which he can make into an army at short notice. The bad guy already has his army and is waiting on the battle ground. But this throws up even more things to stop me from getting to the climax.

More smeggin characters to introduce.

I’m not giving them huge descriptions but the ones that do get them will feature more prominently in the climax and the others will get even smaller ones but will still feature somehow. But they all need them. And they all need to be written.

I do however like creating these kinds of characters. I don’t need to give them in depth descriptions but just enough so the reader can (hopefully) picture them and care about them a little bit. I’ve so far managed to get some Spanish female twins (described as stunning as anyone who’s been to Spain can confirm) and an American who models herself on Buffy the vampire slayer. There are men involved  as well I swear. These are just fringe characters remember.

Well, I’m going get back to making more characters and getting to that wonderful climax I can’t wait to write.

Bye Bye


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