A little bit here, a little bit there.


As I got back to writing my battle scene I noticed that it could use a little something. I have done some writing for each of the main characters and showed them fighting within the battle itself. I haven’t however written about the battle in general and how it is going, shaping up, advancing etc. I looked over the advice I was given a few weeks ago and ummed and arred about how to approach it….

I decided to just jump right in and try and write a battle scene I’d like to see in the end. I always write like this anyway but whenever I’m writing any kind of action I always enjoy it a little bit more. I’ve managed to move the battle along and put my heroes in peril. I’m only part way through it and I’m looking forward to using smell as an indicator of the atmosphere of the battle. It has always helped me when I’m reading a battle scene and as I’m currently reading Giles Kristian’s Odin’s Wolves that applies this (amongst a load of other things) really well I feel I should at least give it a shot. This will all eventually lead to the prelude to the climax of the battle, which I’ve already got written in my head. I’ve also got to remember to feature the police at some point. They come into it after the battle has finished. They witness everything and then come in at the end.

I was going to have the police come in midway through the battle but I decided they wouldn’t be any match for the searchers(advanced humans-non steroid in most cases) and demons(a lot more powerful than them and have no desire to ‘stop’ at any time even when asked politely). The police are only going to be used to let the world know about the searchers and the demons. Which leads me to my question to end this post…

If you needed to send a message to the world and have it listen, how would you do it?



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