A story almost done…but my 2nd 10k run completed!



So, following on from last time, the next short story that will help to shape my ‘Town of the Mountain’ follow up is shaping up nicely. It’s entitled ‘The Worry’ and centres on Eriden Grainger, the chief heroine of the Town of the Mountain. I wondered how I would go about this story and, like the first story ‘The Hunt’, I just wrote what I felt like writing.

Eriden is worried that she isn’t as good a hunter as she used to be. The Town of the Mountain ended with an almighty battle featuring all the bugbears of the forest, of which there were chuffin loads, attacking the hunters. Our hero hunters won but now that the town is peaceful, and has been for a while when we drop back into Eriden’s life. It is very quiet and very boring. You see, there aren’t any bugbears to fight. Or any monsters of any kind for that matter. So, with this in mind she decides to join up with Markus in Manchester to fight off the City’s demon infestation. However, she feels out of shape and worries that she may not be able to do what she did for her town for a big city. She also worries about her new boyfriend and not being around for him. And she worries about her mother, who has finally started talking to her again after years of neglecting her, will become as distant as she used to be. My, oh my have I given her a lot of worries. It does mean that the story is flowing quite well and I’m able to try my hand at writing emotional stuff and that. Which is something I actually quite like to write. I will hopefully have finished the story by this time next week so I’ll let you know how it went.

And…I ran the Bupa Manchester 10K for the second year running! I had been worrying about how I would do in the weeks running up to the run. I put myself down for the second wave which is one up from last year. Immediately in my head I thought that everyone else was going to be faster than me and leave me in their collective dust thus allowing me to finish last out of a hell of a lot of people. But, as the race drew nearer and I inched my way forward towards the starting line my confidence grew. And…I was off! I was tempted to just go for it at the beginning but I settled into a comfortable pace. The amazing heat didn’t help matters but the support of strangers on the side lines was brilliant. I finished it in 54 mins exactly in 6533rd place. That was 50 seconds quicker than last time and 2094 places higher. I’m happy to say the least. Got a medal as well.

Right then. I’m off. Thanks for reading and have a good week.

Good bye


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