And the Edit has begun…may god have mercy on us all.



And so it has come to this. After all the talking, moaning, wondering, asking, preying and then…Monday came along. No hiding from it with short stories or competition entries. Then was the time.

And so on. To be fair I have been slightly scared of the edit due to the size of it. 81,860 words to be exact. I am looking to edit one page a day for the next….however many days. I could work it out but you can if you like. It doesn’t make a difference. It’ll get done. I’ve edited two pages so far. Just focusing on the story and the words and sentences and the like. So far, I’ve changed the first paragraph completely and almost changed how the love interest to my lead character looks. Well, I have changed how she looks a little. Initially, I didn’t make her sound to appealing and sound good enough for my lead to take an interest when she flirts with him. Now she sounds better and I’m happy. For now. All I have to do is remember the change whenever she is mentioned again. It was only small so I think I’ll be fine.

It’s interesting how I’ve changed my first paragraph almost completely. Well to me anyway. I submitted the first chapter to in April and received some glowing feedback about the whole thing and some less so but both were constructive. And now I’ve changed the whole first paragraph? How many more changes will I make? #screamofannoyance

But this is all part of the fun. I am enjoying it like I thought I would. I prefer the new first paragraph and I might give another visit and find out what A.N Other thinks of it. I might message the same people who fedback to me before…

I also, en route to starting the edit, fixed my printer and watched an appalling film version of Dorian Grey. The printer only required a new cartridge but, having used it a month ago with no problems and then finding it didn’t work over the past week, I feared the worst. I.e. buying a new printer. But it’s sorted now. As for that film version, more on that later.

And I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped me from the League of Super Writers, a seminal writing group on Facebook that supplied me with some valuable hints and tips and a possible book to buy for help that will all help me on my editing journey. Wonderfully, there are too many helpful league members to mention so I say to you all, thank you very much.

Right, back to the edit.

Good Pie!




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