I think I’m getting the hang of this…Maybe.

Well, this editing thing is a coming along nicely. I’ve gone from editing a page a day to two or three and I’ve already come across a few things that I need to change.

Firstly, the location of my hero’s headquarters might have to change. Thankfully, all the descriptions of the inside and all the events, of which there are a considerable amount, can stay the same. The Rochdale canal runs underneath Deansgate Locks, which is where my hero’s headquarters are. I have already, whilst I’m writing, thought of a way around this so it should be ok. Although, I bet in an edit further down the line I’ll probably move it to somewhere completely different. I’ll have plenty of opportunity to think this over as the tram I get to and from work goes past the headquarters. I can look at it and make mental notes twice a day, five days a week. A complete solution will be found my friends. Or not. Who knows?

Secondly, the boss of all my searcher’s, the searcher general, did have a kind of Technicolor killing coat. I only realised when I started the edit that I had the general wearing a coat that changed colour according to the situation. A different colour for a hunt, a different colour for his own anger, a different colour for the times in-between, and so on. Now, the world in which my story transpires does have demons in it and searcher/hunters with (fully explained) super strength, agility, speed, etc. but I haven’t included any magic. Just because I didn’t want to so randomly having one character with a magic trench coat doesn’t work. I got round this by having the general, who’s been around for a very long time, having a collection of different coats for his moods and the situation. It does fit in with his character so I’ve solved that one. For now.

I have to say I’m enjoying the edit so far. I’m looking forward to sculpting my story as I go along and making sure I fill in all the holes necessary so that the plot runs as smoothly as possible. The first major one I’ve come across is the question of time. My first chapter was based in July but then my third chapter jumped to October. I’m not having that! So it’s changed to July. What was I thinking of?

Last but not least, thank you to all who replied to my question has anyone editing whilst hung-over? Which I posted in the League of Super Writer’s Facebook group.  The answer was…No. Makes sense.



4 thoughts on “I think I’m getting the hang of this…Maybe.

    1. Hello,
      Realised and realized are the same. English and American. And the general refers to the searcher general as previously mentioned. But if that wasn’t clear sorry. Maybe I should’ve edited a bit more. Thanks for your time

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