I was editing and then…I got infected.



So, the edit has moved onto the Fifth chapter. Well, I’ve just finished the forth one last night. It’s moving along pretty well but I think I might have to go back and re write some of the descriptions for the women. I’ve actually just re wrote some of them right now. Thankfully, I didn’t have to change too much and (I think) I have the descriptions right. I’ll check them again when I do another edit just for descriptions. Whenever that will be. I’m considering changing my NaNoWriMo this year to editing 50,000 words. It would mean I finish my first edit by the end of November. Hmm…(strokes beard deep in thought)

In between my editing exploits I took a trip to Sheffield with a few mates. It started off well. A beer in the train station beforehand. A beer when we arrived. Some food after checking in at our various hotels (7 of us in total over 3 different hotels) then got in a taxi. Where was this taxi taking me? Who knows? Hang on…Asylum? What is this place? Has Sheffield been infected by a virus? What is that moving in darkness?…ARGH!!!!!

Ok. Alright. I’ll explain. My mate Paul had taken part in two previous events like this called 2.8 hours later. It’s a zombie survival game whereby you are tasked with getting uninfected water out of the ‘infected’ city of Sheffield back to the last base for surviving humans, Asylum. Well, parts of Sheffield anyway. All 7 of us, along with loads of other teams like ours all starting at different times, had to negotiate our way through streets full of zombies, accessing laptops at different locations to tell us where to go next. If you let yourself get immersed in it, as I did, it was well good/scary. I found myself sprinting as fast as I could as the ‘zombies’, played very well by those who volunteered to do so, slowly picked up speed and screamed at us. I only got caught because I forgot about a zombie that I thought was taken care of. Never mind. It was an awesome experience but not sure I’ll do it again. I’d have to train for it if I did. For more information if you’re interested, see www.2.8hourslater.co.uk.

So, I’ll leave you by saying that my edit goes on and here’s how I looked after getting infected. I got better…



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