The Edit VS Man Flu.



Since last time I have been keeping to my edit plan. I’ve managed to do some editing each day and I now find myself at chapter 20 of 25. I’ll have chapter 20 read through and edited by the end of today but I should’ve had it done a couple of days ago. And here’s why…

It does annoy me that I don’t get to see my Sister, Brother in law and wild Nephew more often. But they would have to live in Sheffield wouldn’t they? No, Sheffield’s lovely and it’s their home. I just never seem to be able to get time off to sort something out. So when I heard they were coming to visit my parents and I could go up and see them that I was delighted. Awesome! I get to see them. Maybe wild Nephew won’t give me that ‘Who are you?’ look this time? Nah. Of course he did. But I got to spend time with him so it’s all good. It’s great to see how grown up he is. And once he and his parents had left to go back to Sheff-side I waved them goodbye thinking I wouldn’t see them again until Christmas.

But oh no, I wasn’t that lucky.

Because you see the wild Nephew, I’m sure it was him, left part him with me and my parents before he left. The cold and flu part more popularly known as the dreaded Man Flu. Now, I went to visit my parents this past weekend hoping that the aches I had been experiencing in the week prior would go away. That it was all a result of the exercise I’d been doing for the three days back to back previously. But alas no. As I prepared to go on the Saturday I had gotten worse. And my parents had also gotten the bug. So we all spent the weekend feeling ill together as a family. Togetherness and all that. Then, Monday comes around. ‘I’m okay to go into work.’ I say. ‘No you’re not you idiot’ says my body and head CLEARLY. I didn’t listen. Went in work, had an awful, yet surprisingly productive, day. Got home. Went to bed. Had Tuesday off work to recover. Went in today feeling a lot better but was late because I thought I’d left the water running. Which I hadn’t done. Because I’ve never done that. This now means I owe 1 hour back to my employer.

And this all means that I missed a few priceless days of editing.

I’m not too disheartened though. As long as I keep up my edit something each day plan I’ll have it done by the beginning of December. It’s not so bad actually…but Man Flu sucks. And I missed a fire alarm at work yesterday. As a fire warden, it’s always amusing to see how wrong most people get it when one goes off. Anyway…

Lovely to have you read a post of mine as always. Good Bye!


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