My first attempt at a…Writing Prompt!

Writing Prompt


I’m currently doing a ‘Blogging 101’ course, which I’m thoroughly enjoying. Each day since 8th February I’ve been given a task to do that is designed to help to improve my blog (hopefully) and expand my audience (such as, following a certain amount of blogs I’m interested in, engaging more with the blogs I follow) and personal knowledge of what I can do with my blog behind the scenes (adding widgets and changing themes). Though this all probably sounds simple enough to do I have been neglecting my blog recently so it has helped me out immensely.

The latest assignment is too create a writing prompt. Now, I’ve answered many a prompt before but never actually created one. If it sounds too easy then I’ll make up a harder one next time. It is my first go after all. Alright, here it goes…

One lazy Sunday afternoon, with the sun trying to push its way through your carefully closed curtains, your favourite mythical creature crashes through the window and pleads with you to help them with a quest. Because, naturally, you are the only one who can help. So,

Which mythical creature is it?

Why that particular creature?

And, what is the quest?

Thank you in advance for those of you who take part. Go nuts with it and see what happens.

Hope to read your responses soon.


4 thoughts on “My first attempt at a…Writing Prompt!

  1. What mythical creature is it? A troll…..
    Why? Because they are hideous creatures that generally are portrayed as characters lacking intelligence, but they are underrated. They work on instinct, and they are large and destructive, and are therefore seen as not intelligent. However, they work at times in fiction to not create destruction and to instead be more gentle. I love the fact that they are portrayed as “ugly” as different to us in society often means ugly, but it can also be unconventional beauty.
    The quest: The troll, named Solgar, wishes for me to come and help him to keep his forest alive and healthy as man is working to tear it down and to destroy it. I picked that quest because it is reality… and I care about keeping our planet whole and clean for the sake of our children. When I have a choice, I choose to be in and around nature, and away from the computer that is seemingly shackled to my hands due to my huge workload. This quest would involve me breaking away from my computer and fighting for peace within the forest.
    Hope that makes sense! That was fun, and to answer your other post, yes, it is a great writing prompt. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by my blog today; it led me back to yours, and it was a nice break from my work. Hope you are well.

    1. Happy you liked my writing prompt. I liked your response to it. Really good. I prefer thinking of trolls as either grumpy or nice. And bringing in something close to you is cool. I always think doing that makes writing a little easier. And usually grumpy because they’re small and man is tall. I’ve always enjoyed your blog and I’m glad you enjoyed my post. I’m all good and well. Hope you are the same.

      1. I am well! Thank you so much for staying in touch with me. I have followed you since the beginning of my blogging life, and you have watched my little one grow as well. 🙂 I am glad that you liked my response as well.

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