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A distraction? Oh well.



After finishing my last short story, which featured the last three hunters from the Town of the Mountain taking on a huge dragon currently known as ‘the big bad’(working name), I had to decide what my next short story would be about. And who it should be about more than anything. I have a few more people I want to write a short story for and set up for the sequel but I just could not decide who I should write about.

There are three names in contention. Darling Bloomflower, the new girlfriend of Markus and the very talented go-go dancer, Clifton Thomas, the owner of the main source of entertainment from the Town by the name of ‘The House’, and the Master Craftsman, the man responsible for training the hunters. Now I can think of how to start these stories and also how each of these characters may play a part in the sequel. This is now. Back then (last week) I could not think which character I wanted to write about. And then, a welcome distraction.

Writing Magazine holds many competitions each month and I plan on entering a few, or at least one anyway, this year. The latest competition is a 1000 word story competition on any genre. My head was buzzing. I could enter a story I’ve already written. Or create a new one. A new one? Hmm….I’ll have a go then.

As I started to write I chose to delve into another story I’ve written regarding Searchers (different word for hunters really) and demons for inspiration. I wrote 500 words and then was tired so went to sleep. When I came back to my 500 I realised I didn’t like it. So I deleted all of it and started again. And then it hit me. I could write a short story, or one a bit closer to a novella, to set up the sequel to my Searchers and demons yarn. So that’s what I’m going to do. And after that I’m going to get back to writing my short stories for the town of the mountain sequel. So many sequels. So little time. But it does give me a lot to write and pushes me further away from any chance of having writers block. For now anyway. And the 1000 word competition will still be entered into, hopefully.

And to finish off this entry to my little block of the internet, Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson is moving along nicely. The hero is getting along with his adventure as eloquently and humourlarly(is that a word? Nope. It stays in) as ever, and my commute to work and back is quick and nice. The only thing I have to worry about is the deaf population of the tram blasting their music through small, white headphones. Wish me luck.

Okidoke. Best get back to it. Bye!


Two things at once. Hmm…Yeah I’ll give it a try. Oh and notes are awesome by the way.


I’ve continued to write my battle scene and I’m happy to say that I’m close to its climax. Not because it was a chore to write the scene (I had to stop myself from getting carried away) but because I already have the end planned out in my head. Now all I’ve got to do is make sure I don’t get carried away (again) and write too much. On a related note, I read a quote recently which sums up how I’d like to be able to write one day. It came from the mind of Linda Harrison and was written inside an article in the June edition of ‘Writing Magazine’ entitled ‘Short and Sweet’.

“Always remember that brilliant writers can pack more of a punch into one line than mediocre writers can achieve in a thousand words.”

The article was about freelancers pitching ideas to editors but this line stood out for me. And it was also written in bigger letters in the middle of the article which helped. I have always enjoyed a good piece of dialogue which could give a twist away or change the whole direction of a story, film or TV programme in just a few seconds. I try and aim to do this but in doing so I’m putting pressure on myself. Hopefully I’ll get over this and reach that goal of a truly great piece of dialogue. And in order to do that I need to write and write some more. So…

As I was writing my battle scene I decided to go back to an old story I had written and put onto protagonize.com and critique circle.com. It’s my take on the vampire myth. If you want to see an older and extremely rougher version of it I posted it on this very blog. The blog post was dated September 2 2012 if you’re interested.

I’ve gone back to it and started to write the first chapter. I’ve found that it’s a good work out for the brain (well mine anyway) to be working on two stories at once. And I’m not finding it as hard as I thought I would as I’ve written a lot of notes for both stories. I’ll keep you updated on how this goes.

I’m going to get back to it. And I leave you with a few questions.

Have you ever written more than one story at once? And if so, how did you find it?



It’s been a while.


I’ve recently moved into to my third flat with my mate and as such have not been able to keep updating this cheek young blog. Sorry.

The move went well. My lovely girlfriend helped me move on 30th March and since then I’ve been hard at work(ish) getting everything sorted. It took longer than I thought. And its not even all done. But I’m happy with it so it was all worth it.

And amidst all this, I managed to get my short short story entered on time. I managed to get round the late edit I had to do(see last post) I also got a call from writing magazine who told me to confirm my address.

Of course, I haven’t told my bible for writing about my new flat! How could I do that? The nice lady confirmed my new address and confirmed the entry was all good and will be considered. Fingers crossed. I’ll post it on here at some point in the near future.

I’ve also done some more writing towards my other story. I’m up to the point where the two leaders of the armies, bad and good, are giving their speeches to drive their armies on. Just before the final battle to end it all. So, I have a question for you….

How would you inspire someone to follow you into battle?


A little looks to be going a long way.


I recently read an article about in ‘Writing Magazine’ about getting the first draft of your novel finished and one part caught my eye. The rest of it was stuff I already knew. Stuff like having a structure for your story, just typing and not worrying to much about the content as the edit will take care of it and so on. But the one thing that stood out for me was this.(well the general meaning of it anyway as I can’t remember the full quote)

‘You don’t have to write vast amounts each day. Even if you only write a small amount they’re all words that will get you closer to completing your novel.’

I often worry that I should be writing a certain amount each time I sit down at my desk. I’d find myself forcing out 2000 words when really I only felt up to writing 500. But 500 every day is a good amount in anyone’s book. Even just 100 is fair. As you will probably know if you’re into to writing something the words will just flow. Before you know it you’ll count them and find you’ve done a few hundred in no time.

I’m getting into writing everyday and it is very rewarding. I find that I’m moving my current story along nicely and getting closer to the final epic(hopefully) battle that concludes the whole thing. I’ve even used my main twist which I’ve been waiting to use for AGES.

Well, I’ll get back to it. But one question before I do, how many words do you write each day when you’re writing a story?


That short short story of mine


So I’m well on my way to finishing my entry for the writing magazine’s short short story competition. Having only 750 words to work with is hard. But exceedingly good.

I’m settled on my story but making sure use all the words are used correctly and none are wasted is as good as it is bad.

Its bad because I find myself overthinking what words to use. But I suppose any writer does. Should I use the word ‘explain’ or ‘define’? Should I say ‘he wounld’nt have it.’ or ‘he would’nt listen.’ The story is set in my head but the words that link it up just keep on changing. This is bad because the deadline is 13/4/13 and with editing comes one or two corrections each time. I shall keep going though. I’ve come this far.

Its good because I get to see an idea I’ve had for years grow. I get to see an idea which I’ve sat on for ages come to fruitition. I have to say I find it…how do I put this…well awesome! Even if the story doesnt get me anywhere in that competition, I’ll have it written. I’ll have it to re-jig. I’LL HAVE IT.

Anyway, i’m gonna back to it. That thing won’t edit itself. So I’ll leave you with a question…

Have you got an idea you’ve been sitting on?

Getting in the mix.


Following on from my last post I received some very good ideas from the some of the people who make up the extremely awesome Fantasy Writers group on Facebook. I’ve since created a few characters from Stockport and intend to use other people that I’ve met on nights out and such things as a base for the fringe characters. You know the ones who you chat to like they’re your best friend for an hour one night but never see them again. The ones that inadvertently turn a normal night out into a great one.

I’ve moved my story along but as I was doing so something hit me. One of the things I have enjoyed about taking my writing more seriously is entering into competitions. But I haven’t done it in AGES. So I’ve decided to enter a short short story competition through the magazine I subscribe to ‘Writing Magazine’. It’s a 750 word fiction contest in any genre you like. I’m enjoying creating a new story as well as, though I like the story I’m writing, a break is always good.

Having to come up with a new story has always been one of my favourite parts of the writing process. So, I ask you this. What is your favourite part of the writing process?

Also, if you’re interested in the competition, the website is http://www.writers-online.co.uk