That short short story of mine


So I’m well on my way to finishing my entry for the writing magazine’s short short story competition. Having only 750 words to work with is hard. But exceedingly good.

I’m settled on my story but making sure use all the words are used correctly and none are wasted is as good as it is bad.

Its bad because I find myself overthinking what words to use. But I suppose any writer does. Should I use the word ‘explain’ or ‘define’? Should I say ‘he wounld’nt have it.’ or ‘he would’nt listen.’ The story is set in my head but the words that link it up just keep on changing. This is bad because the deadline is 13/4/13 and with editing comes one or two corrections each time. I shall keep going though. I’ve come this far.

Its good because I get to see an idea I’ve had for years grow. I get to see an idea which I’ve sat on for ages come to fruitition. I have to say I find it…how do I put this…well awesome! Even if the story doesnt get me anywhere in that competition, I’ll have it written. I’ll have it to re-jig. I’LL HAVE IT.

Anyway, i’m gonna back to it. That thing won’t edit itself. So I’ll leave you with a question…

Have you got an idea you’ve been sitting on?


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