From a nightmare to a dream

Hello again

I’m continuing to edit Town of the Mountain (the first chapter of which can be seen here) and I’ve managed to come up with more ideas and a twist. I’m annoyed I didn’t come up with said twist and ideas earlier asthey all seem to fit in and work a smeggin treat and it gives the story more for the reader to think about(I hope). I’ve got all the faith in the world in my story but I’d been hoping for a spark of inspiration at some point. Thankfully it arrived before I went mental waiting for it to arrive. That whole wait had been a bit of a nightmare.

Now for the dream part of the title to this entry. I subscribe to the seminal magazine ‘Writing Magazine’ which gives out valuable hints, tips, information, advice and anything else an aspiring writer could want or need. It also has competitions in it each month. These competitions are usually poetry and short story ones with this month’s short story competition being a chuffin dream. The word limit is 1500-1700 and the story can be about anything you like but it must start with ‘And then I woke up to find it was all a dream…’

Holy shit!!! How good is this?! And you can only enter it if you’re subscribed to the magazine(which can be done at the following website My friend has always joked how I should write a story that should end like this but to start with it? Awesome just Awesome.

I’ve come up with a few ideas so far but am struggling to pick one. One was something around the world being under the control of Nazi’s in the dream and real life being a lot like that (whatever that would be like) but in secret and in an obvious way. Another was an alien control idea which I crossed out as soon as I finished writing it. Another was the dream was about being a vampire and the dreamer is a vampire but doesn’t know it. Another was that the dream was about a man committing suicide but I got a bit confused with it. You reckon any of these ideas are any good?

Any comments or suggestions are most welcome.


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