Constant Awesomeness.

Following on from coming up with a twist in town of the mountain I’m now worried I’ll start rethinking the whole thing. I’m resisting the temptation to give all the characters a twist and will endeavour to stick to the main story arc/lines/stuff.

I’ve started to put in small things which will (hopefully) get the reader guessing as to who the sword supplier is as the twist is related to this. What do you mean sword supplier? I hear your brain cry. Well dear reader, allow me to elaborate a bit. The bugbears of my story do have the capacity to learn and to be taught. This leads to someone teaching them to fight back using swords. Though they are seemingly inept with the sword it does pose a serious threat to the town and its hunters. They come to the inevitable conclusion that someone or something is training them to fight and supplying with their weapons (swords, sword supplier, get it?) Can the bugbears take over the town again as they did so many years ago? And can the hunters stop an unknown number of bugbears all of whom could be armed from destroying their town? What I’ve just written is one of the many reasons why I love to write. It gets my mind racing and all sorts of ideas come to me when I’m writing and when I’m not. Its constant awesomeness.

I’ve managed to choose an idea for my ‘And then I woke up to find it all a dream’ starting line short story. It all centres on a man committing suicide and the consequences. I’m happy to say I’m proud of what I’ve written and whether it wins or not I’ll post it on for you to read.

I’ve posted a new story on protagonize as well. The Unknown Child is the working title and centres around a child, well he’s a teenager but you only become a man when you’ve qualified in your chosen area which in this case is becoming a knight of the land, and how he struggles to find his lost memories. I’d like your opinion if you would The Unknown Child.

All comments welcome about anything I’ve said above or ever. Cheers


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