New discoveries and stuff.


Well like I said the last time this one will be longer. Maybe only by a bit but still…

I’ve finally managed to get out of the hole I’ve been in whilst writing the latest chapter of my latest story. It’s about a man who is the apprentice to the leader of his city. He will eventually take over from him as is the way of the leaders of the past and the law of the city itself. The leader has some secrets and has done some horrible things in his time. Can the apprentice uncover all the leaders’ wrong doings before he leaves him a city in ruins? And who is the leader’s mysterious daughter Meredith?

That’s a short version of the synopsis as I’m very happy to have come up with such a story and if you like I can tell you more. Anyway I’ve was stuck in ‘explain as much back story as possible’ mode to set up the dramatic and already written in my head ending for months. I kept thinking of new things I needed to explain or add in that my mind began wonder if I’d ever get out of the bloody chapter I was in. It had the potential to be a twenty page monster but I’ve gotten myself out with all relevant information given.

Well hopefully I have though I need to spread the back story out over the rest of the book but I’ll do that in editing. Ah editing, I thought I’d never get there with this story. I’ve made it so full of stuff that I almost forgot to explain the why’s and where’s and who’s of it all. I both like it and hate it the process.

Also, which is better do you think, short and sweet descriptions or long and sour ones? (Sweet? Sour? Whatever) I’m tending to use both but I might change it in the glorious land of editing. Your thoughts are welcome.

I came up with the wonderful (and long overdue) idea to follow other writer’s blogs so I can gain more ideas and help. I’ve found two so far that I recommend. The first is from the author Joanna Penn. Its focuses on the whole process of the writing and editing of your book to getting it published and the marketing side of things. She is very passionate about giving as much information as possible to aspiring writers and gives a lot of hints and tips. She gives you a free download, author 2.0, which gives a lot of advice on how to use web 2.0 technologies to get your work published.

The second is which is by author Jeff Goins which looks at his love of writing and how to stay creative. He answers questions like how do successful writers make a living? Why do writers write? And many more which all give detailed help for aspiring authors. He also gives you a free download called ‘The Writers Manifesto’ which is by far the best summing up of why writers write I’ve ever read. I’d have a look if you can.

Right that’s it for now, till next time.



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