Getting to the end. I can’t wait. Well, actually I could wait a little longer.


Following on from getting myself out of the hole I was in with the last chapter of the story I’m working on, I’m now rolling along nicely. I’ve set myself a 1000 word target each time I sit down to write and its working wonders. I did this before but stopped due to a sudden bout of uncontrollable laziness and then started again because of the following article about how to write 4000 words in a day.

Now, I tried to do 4000 words after reading this article and managed 2400 words(ish) but that was only because of my Xbox forcing me to continue my successful football career on pro-evo 2012 (I’m captain of Inter Milan don’t you know) and the weather being nice for once so the need for a walk took over. It’s a pretty simple method Jeremy Robinson uses and it’s given him a grand total 17 published books last year alone. He talks about working a 9-5 shift with breaks and a dinner to get the 4000 words a day done. Although I found it informative I think I’ll stick with 1000 words each time for now and work my way up. I’d read it if you ever wanted to write a great deal and struggled to find the right method. It’s good stuff.

So, after reading this article it’s allowed me to push on with my story and I’ve gotten to a part where I’m writing an action sequence. A sequence which leads onto the beginning of the end of the story (which I already have written out in my head and notebook) our hero and his true love are racing to stop the big bad…baddy and are stopped themselves by a soon to be former friend who wants them dead. I’ve started it and because the story is from the first person perspective of the hero I need some ideas of how to put the fight across as well as possible. I have a few myself but what do you think? How should I get it across? Your thoughts are always welcome.

Well that’s my writing exploits for the past few weeks. Till next time


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