Chase scene baby!


I’m currently in the midst of writing a chase scene that will come before the final battle which will end my current story (as mentioned a bit in my last post)

The hero of the piece is currently chasing after two of his fellow searchers (hunters of demons) who are after the main demon villain of the piece. The hero has had to fight off some other demons and make sure another searcher (who had been seriously injured) is ok.

Now I need to get my hero across the city of manchester to the final battle ground. I’m trying to get across how fast he is going and what he can see, hear and feel. I also want to convey how passers by are seeing him. Its not been easy so far.

I’ve said that the hero is seeing everyone around him as blurs and how the wind is hitting his face. He is a demon searcher who has enhanced physical traits (speed, strength, agility etc) along with being a former police officer.

I’ve asked this before but does anyone have any suggestions? I’ve had some help (cheers joan) but am looking for somemore.

As always any help would be awesome.



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