Happy New Year and all that. Best get back to it then.


Hope you all had an enjoyable new year’s eve. I spent mine with my girlfriend, my parents, sister, brother in law and my nephew. It was nice and chilled just how I like it really. I’m not a big fan of NYE and I only really like it when I’m spending it a house party/gathering or not at all. Does that make me a scrooge for NYE? There’s a story in that somewhere….

Anyway, after a month away from writing I must get back to it. I read a pledge the other day which went ‘I pledge to write one page per day in January.’ Sounds like a plan. Although I didn’t get any done yesterday and I won’t get any done today. I’ll have to plan how to catch up. It’s nanowrimo all over again. Or whatever the shortened version of it is.

A page a day will get me back into the swing of things. I reckon I’ll start by editing the first page of my nanowrimo 2013 (not completely but enough for now) and posting it on here. If u fancy a read, I’ll put a synopsis up with the excerpt soon.

Okidoke. Well, I’m going to start thinking, as my laptop isn’t with me and I’m off work so I’m trying not to do anything at all, of what I do after the editing is done.

Good pie


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