A competition entry and another short story almost done.

Hello again,


So, since the last time I posted I’ve edited my short story for the 1000 word short story competition a fair few times. It’s close to being finished. Well, as finished as it ever will be. I could spend ages editing it. Coming up with reasons why that one bloke down the street might not like it. But I can’t worry about that. As long as I’m happy I’ve done the best I can, I’ll be fine. I reckon the story will be finished before I next write to you. Possibly. It’ll be close anyway. I’m currently very happy with it but it can always get better. They always can.

Alongside doing this, as you may or may not know, I’ve been keeping on with my preparation for the sequel to my NaNoWriMo 2012 entry, The Searcher’s Want. The story so far has brought up a few things I can work on. A love triangle, which was born in the first story but can be suitably embellished within the walls of the second one, a new direction for the demons to go in (mainly revenge and the total destruction of the world, naturally) a few new characters, a new headquarters for the heroes of the piece and new weapons and vehicles. Along with all these wonderful things, I have most of the original characters from the first one that all require character development and new story lines. I know these things will materialise every time I sit down to write more and more. And this little bit of knowledge always makes me happy to be a writer and always makes me look forward to the next time I write. I hope this continues forever and ever and that.

Right, have a good week of writing and everything else.

Bye Bye



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