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A competition entry and another short story almost done.

Hello again,


So, since the last time I posted I’ve edited my short story for the 1000 word short story competition a fair few times. It’s close to being finished. Well, as finished as it ever will be. I could spend ages editing it. Coming up with reasons why that one bloke down the street might not like it. But I can’t worry about that. As long as I’m happy I’ve done the best I can, I’ll be fine. I reckon the story will be finished before I next write to you. Possibly. It’ll be close anyway. I’m currently very happy with it but it can always get better. They always can.

Alongside doing this, as you may or may not know, I’ve been keeping on with my preparation for the sequel to my NaNoWriMo 2012 entry, The Searcher’s Want. The story so far has brought up a few things I can work on. A love triangle, which was born in the first story but can be suitably embellished within the walls of the second one, a new direction for the demons to go in (mainly revenge and the total destruction of the world, naturally) a few new characters, a new headquarters for the heroes of the piece and new weapons and vehicles. Along with all these wonderful things, I have most of the original characters from the first one that all require character development and new story lines. I know these things will materialise every time I sit down to write more and more. And this little bit of knowledge always makes me happy to be a writer and always makes me look forward to the next time I write. I hope this continues forever and ever and that.

Right, have a good week of writing and everything else.

Bye Bye


Getting back to it.


I’ve started to get back into my writing by continuing my NaNoWriMo novel. I’m looking forward to finishing it and getting some feedback (constructive only). Like all my stories I’m proud of this one. But other things have tried to stand in the way of my writing this week.

I’ve recently had to relocate to my old bedroom from the spare room that I’m temporarily in at my parent’s house. They’re wisely changing the spare room so that my sister and her husband will be able to stay over in future along with their new baby (due end of June-early July). Whilst I’m more than happy to do it and about the new arrival, it does take up a surprising amount of time. I’m almost there but I still have a fair amount of stuff to move. But where will it go? I’ve no smeggin idea! It’ll all take shape eventually but when all you want to do is just sit down and write it’s not ideal.

I also contracted the worst form of disease. One that has plagued MENkind for years and has no known cure or equal. A disease so vast in its horror that can reduce a grown man to a shadow of his former self. I’m talking of course…about MANflu!!!

I don’t know where it came from but it stopped me from doing any writing last Friday night and going for a run last Saturday morning. I’m over the worst of it now but a move, a baby and a disease? What else wants to stop me from writing?

Of course I am happy to move and for the new little man or woman to join my great family. But disease has taken down many a man. But it shall not have me!!! And…well I’m ranting now so I’ll leave you till next time with a quote taken from letter I read at work the other day. It has no relevance to what I’ve been talking about but it’s still a good quote. Laters

“Interest, fees and charges are a sophisticated form of enslavement that deprive, exploit and gradually exhaust, short of a kill and not unlike cancer.”

P.S Where do you think I work?



It’s all coming back to me now.


I decided to take a break from writing after completing NaNoWriMo. I also said it would only be for a couple of weeks. That couple turned into a whole month. And I’m glad for it.

Though I love to write I also remember the days when I didn’t love it as much. The days when I used to fill my evenings and sometimes days with the pursuits of making my fantasy team good enough on Pro Evolution Soccer on the Xbox. Or managing my own team on football manager. Or watching a film. Or doing absolutely NOTHING!

It was very refreshing to come home from work and then just lounge about until it was time for bed. Doing this allowed my brain to calm down and return to a normal temperature. It also allowed me to miss writing which I haven’t done in a long time. But that is over now and it’s all coming back to me (see what I did? Genius. Or because I watched a Glee episode in which they systematically ruined plenty of Meat Loaf songs and one in particular has been my head for days)

I started again by writing the story that I had almost finished when I took part in NaNoWriMo (I have recently received my t-shirt to confirm this in the post. Bit chuffed I must say)  I’m around four chapters or so before the end and it didn’t take me long to pick up from where I’d left off. I had to read the last four pages again which I’m glad was what it took to reignite me as reading over 50,000+ again sounded daunting.

It’s great to be back to my writing ways and I’m now going to (hopefully) stick to some kind of schedule for 2013. Writing one day, reading and commenting the next then doing my writing course and then anything else I can think of. I’ve missed it really. I prefer to keep myself busy and it will all help to get my writing finished and ready for the good/bad process of editing.

By the way, have you taken a writing break over the festive period? Or when was the last time you took a break from this writing lark?


Not writing. A good thing?


After completing the awesome NaNoWriMo last month I’ve decided to take a break from novel writing for a week or two. This is to recharge the batteries a bit and help my back and, for some reason, left bum cheek get back to normal. I’m informed this is what can happen from not having a comfortable seat to sit on or from sitting for too long. Never mind.

It’s been good so far not writing. I didn’t think I’d like it but I know when I start to write again and finish the novel NaNoWriMo helped me start I’ll get right back into it. This break has been a welcome surprise so far. It has allowed me to mull over some ideas for the novel I’m writing and others that I’ve got to finish. Leaves me lots to do when I start to novel write again.

I also received an email stating I’ll be able to get NaNoWriMo winners only offers from tomorrow onwards. I wonder what they’ll have in store. And I now have something else to mull over.



One of my favourite reasons

Hello again

I’ve been keeping on with my story and have unearthed another thing which changes the landscape of it. This happens every so often and it reminds me whenever it does why I love to write.

The way I write has a certain amount of structure to it but I leave it open to change. By that I mean that I have an order that my story will go in roughly planned out either in my head or on paper. The current story I’m working on has a full layout on paper. Although I’ve only stuck to some of it. As I write I will always end up creating more things to add to the characters and landscape of the story along with any other part of it. It just depends when inspiration strikes I suppose. I could be writing for ages and nothing but then in one sitting come up with three idea. When doing this I will always keep to my core plot though. They’ll never change the way the story goes but they will add greatly to it and I like having to adapt to these things as I go along. Writing is creating for me so getting half way through a chapter and coming up with something I’d never thought of before about the character I’m writing about is awesome. The only drawback is I have to remember to go back through the story and add this little addition wherever it’s required.

So, for example, if I’ve found myself half way through a story and decided that for the particular part I’m writing my character needs a new skill, I’ll have to go back and potentially mention or allude to this skill earlier on in the story. This will help to set up what I’ve just written so it doesn’t just come out of the blue. It does get slightly annoying when I come up with a great idea near the end of a story (as I have currently) which now means I’ll have to go back and add back story for this particular change. It is a big idea and one that I’m proud of but one that will require potentially a whole chapters worth of words spread over the whole story. But I do love it so I’ll keep at it. Don’t you worry.

And last but certainly not least, I’m going to post a blog entry which will be the first half of the first chapter of my story that I’m currently editing called ‘The Town of the Mountain’. Your thoughts are most welcome.

Bye bye