Getting back to it.


I’ve started to get back into my writing by continuing my NaNoWriMo novel. I’m looking forward to finishing it and getting some feedback (constructive only). Like all my stories I’m proud of this one. But other things have tried to stand in the way of my writing this week.

I’ve recently had to relocate to my old bedroom from the spare room that I’m temporarily in at my parent’s house. They’re wisely changing the spare room so that my sister and her husband will be able to stay over in future along with their new baby (due end of June-early July). Whilst I’m more than happy to do it and about the new arrival, it does take up a surprising amount of time. I’m almost there but I still have a fair amount of stuff to move. But where will it go? I’ve no smeggin idea! It’ll all take shape eventually but when all you want to do is just sit down and write it’s not ideal.

I also contracted the worst form of disease. One that has plagued MENkind for years and has no known cure or equal. A disease so vast in its horror that can reduce a grown man to a shadow of his former self. I’m talking of course…about MANflu!!!

I don’t know where it came from but it stopped me from doing any writing last Friday night and going for a run last Saturday morning. I’m over the worst of it now but a move, a baby and a disease? What else wants to stop me from writing?

Of course I am happy to move and for the new little man or woman to join my great family. But disease has taken down many a man. But it shall not have me!!! And…well I’m ranting now so I’ll leave you till next time with a quote taken from letter I read at work the other day. It has no relevance to what I’ve been talking about but it’s still a good quote. Laters

“Interest, fees and charges are a sophisticated form of enslavement that deprive, exploit and gradually exhaust, short of a kill and not unlike cancer.”

P.S Where do you think I work?




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