Get rhythm. But how?


As I try to get back into my writing ways I’m constantly stopped by one thing or another. I think I’ve gotten too used to doing nothing so getting back to it is harder than I’d expected. How do I get my rhythm back?

After November I have gotten into the habit of writing a least 500 words when I write of my fiction. And I also like how when I just keep writing and don’t look up at that dastardly word count, I get to my goal pretty quickly. It also helps that I’m writing some action at the moment which always makes me write faster.

I started to do my Writers Bureau Creative Writing Course again and I’m hoping this will help me get some rhythm back into my writing. I hope this will start a….rhythm of focusing on one thing for a week at a time. Last week it was writing and this week it’s my assignment. And so on and hopefully onwards and upwards.

I’m going to end this blog post now as I’ve made so many spelling errors something’s telling me my brain doesn’t want me to write tonight. I’ll have a go again tmorrow. Or next week.



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