It’s getting closer.


I’ve got myself a (rough) ending to my current novel which always makes me want to write faster and for longer. Though I know that if I do it will go from (I hope) well created prose to disaffected, garbled gubbins. I’ve always liked to write in 1,000 word blocks as this allows me to make a fair amount of progress on my story and let me sleep a little better. 1,000 words is a lot you know or at least getting close to this number would help.

I love this part of writing. I usually have one or two endings in my head for any story I write. And then more often than not when I get to the end I combine these two ideas and then come up with a third which makes up my ending. The current ending I have in mind is mostly made up of numerous fights and chases across a city. Namely Manchester. But I’m having trouble conveying the urgency and speed that I think it needs.

Do you have any ideas on how I can convey these things simply and effectively?

Your thoughts are always welcome. Till next time.




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