Does it have to be a novel?


I took part in nanowrimo last year and successfully wrote 50,000 words of a novel I ended up finishing the following May.

I remember reading last time round that 50,000 words of a novel is good enough and it doesn’t have to be a the total word count for it.

So, should I aim to finish my novel in November or try and get as close as I can?



8 thoughts on “Does it have to be a novel?

  1. Hey John, get as close as you can. I’ve done nano a good few years. Last year it took me till 12 Dec to finish my novel after hitting the 50k, I wrote 84 in the end. And have been editing it ever since. You never know unless you try.

    1. Hello

      I’ve not edited it yet but I will. Probably in the new year.
      Last year I wrote 50,000 words then took December off writing and started again in january. It was ok. Good to have a fresh (ish) eye after a break.
      I reckon I’ll edit last year’s nanowrimo story after finishing this one.
      Is that weird? Not sure.
      Have you edited your nano stories yet?

      1. I’ve been editing last years with some help. I intend on approaching a good few publishers with it. I do really want to write the second one, (its a series) but I want this one finished as well. Difficult decision really. Just not sure what I want to do yet.

        I did take a couple of months off through the year with script writing commitments and life, my goal was to get it finished before Nov, but it didn’t pan out that way. Editing is a lot harder than writing. And to get it up to a professional level, I’ve had help. Been very educational though and I’ve learned so much, so hoping writing the next one will be easier due to this years learning.

        I guess we’ll see when Fri comes 🙂

      2. Sounds like your ready for this year’s nano.

        I can’t wait really. I’ve been writing and getting more feedback over the past year. All of it helpful in some way and my precious little blog is growing slowly. Roll on friday 🙂

  2. My stories are usually around 100k. Nano is just a spring board to help me get past my hump: 30k. I find around 30k I stall out if I don’t have something pushing me.

      1. I try to avoid paying attention to word count until I’m finished. Usually I go into a writing session with a goal as far as scenes and such. It doesn’t always stay on track, sometimes being shorter or longer, or just off the rails, but I find better luck with the word count when I don’t focus on it. And more often than not, sleep or obligations take me away from my writing before an actual desire to leave it 😛

      2. Yeah, sleep or chores take me from my writing usually. I like to write until probably a scene ends or the chapter I’m on does. Though if its am action scene of any kind, I’ll keep writing regardless. Some scene I just love to write.

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