The book I’m working on.

Ok. Best start as I mean to go on.

I’m currently working on a fantasy story about a small town thats at the foot of a huge mountain which itself has a dark forest at its foot. Bugbears live in this forest and will sometimes attempt to attack the townsfolk. They would succeed if not for the dedication of the hunters given the task of stopping them.

The story looks at the hunters themselves, five in total, who defend the townon a daily and nightly basis keeping the bugbears away. It also looks at their lives when they’re not hunting and the continued attempts by the Mayor (A very sleazy and smiley man with a slight pot belly and red cheeks. He dressed very brightly which usually included a yellow tartan waist coat and, unfortunately, a matching hat.) to make money out of the town for his well being and potentially, at the whole towns expense.

I’ve written in that the bugbears are scared of the humans, which is why they don’t attack more often. I’m not sure whether to have more hunters involved from the start or not as I’ve implied there’s an unknown number of bugbears in the forest.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. (but if they’re abusive then they won’t be)